30+ EDM Pick Up Lines To Impress Someone

EDM Pick Up Lines

Here are some Top EDM Pick up lines which you can use to impress an EDM Lover.

EDM Pick Up Lines


Are you security?
Because you may need to investigate that bulge in my pants.

Are we in LA?
Because this is turning into quite the HARD Fest.

Are you camping at the festival?
Because I have already pitched us a tent.

Are your parents ghost producers?
Because I cannot believe they’re responsible for creating that a**.

You must be waiting for the drop …of my pants.

Edm Pickup lines
Edm Pickup lines

You must be sold out.

Because I’m trying to find a way in.


Is your name Calvin Harris?
Because I’d drop $280k for a night with you.

Do you listen to sub-bass?
Because you just turned on my lower frequencies.

Do you know DJ Hazel?
Because I go two deeper.

I’ll put my Armin your butt.

How long have you been waiting in line for the Lollapalooza ticket?

Baby, do you like traphouse?, cause I have some crack

Are you rolling?

Edm Pick Up Lines
EDM Pick Up Lines

I used to go to the Harvest Festival but I got sick of scoring with so many virgins.

Think you can dance? Lets see it.

excuse me baby, but I think I just Blue myself.


Is that a glowstick in your pocket?

have a lot of molly

Do you like sub-bass? Because you just turn on my lower frequencies.

Are we in LA/Coachella/Stagecoach? Because you’re turning this into a hard fest.

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