Valorant Pick Up Lines

Valorant Pick Up Lines : Want to impress your crush with your Valorant knowledge then you’re in the right place .


Valorant pick up Lines
Valorant pick up Lines


Here are some Top Valorant Pick up Lines to Impress Someone.

Cheesy Valorant Pick up Lines

  • Roses are red and so is my valorant ranked match history.
  • You One Tapped into my heart.
  • I did not believe in Radianite until I met you.
  • I got you, bruv!
  • Don’t stress. I’m super quiet.
  • Are you ranked? Because I would want to climb you.
  • You make my heart turn into Radiant.
  • Relax. I’ve already thought of everything.
  • Move or get zapped.
  • They talk about my one taps.
  • You double satchel into my heart.
  • Keep a healthy distance! I burn hot!
  • You give off the energy of a odin’s muzzle.
  • Are you ranked? Because you gave me depression and rage issues.
  • I’m Radiant.
  • We got it this time!
  • Are you gold? because I want to get hard stuck in you.
  • Allow me to show you how the manager does it.

Sage Pick up Lines

  • Are you Sage? Because you heal my heart every time I see you.
  • Are you Sage? Cause your personality heals me.
  • Are you Sage? Because your love heals my broken heart.

Sova Pickup Lines

  • Are you Sova? Because I can never hide my feelings from you.
  • Are you Sova? Cause I can’t hide from your sight.

  • Sova Pick Up Lines
    Valorant pick up lines
  • Are you Sova? Because your dart is made out of love.
  • My recon dart aren’t the only thing I wanna put against the wall.


Killjoy Pickup Lines



  • Are you Killjoy? Cause when I see you my heart is on Lockdown.
  • Are you Killjoy? Cause you can make me vulnerable anytime.
  • Are you Killjoy? Cause you can make me vulnerable anytime.
  • Are you killjoy? cause I want you to  detain me.

Cypher Pickup Lines

  • Are you Cypher? Cause I’d give you my corpse.
  • Are you Cypher? Cause you can see me anytime.

Omen Pickup Lines

  • Are you Omen? Cause you TPed into my heart.

  • Are you ranked? Because you gave me depression and rage issues.
  • are you Phoenix? cause your flame is what warms my soul.
  • Are you Phoenix? Cause you set my passion alight.
  • Are u phoenix cuz u be blinding me


Some More Valorant Pickup Lines

 Jett Pickup Lines

  • Are you Jett? cause u flew straight into my heart.
  • Are you Jett? Cause you Gracefully fell into my heart.
  • Are you Jett? Cause you can whoosh into my heart any time.
  • Are you Jett, Because you dashed into my heart.

 Yoru Pickup Lines

  • Are you Yoru? Cause your beauty and personality have me outgunned and outplayed.

 Viper Pickup Lines

  • Are you Viper? Cause your toxicity has me addicted.

Phoenix  Pick up Lines


  • You want me serious?? You got it!
  • Keep it hot!
  • Are you Phoenix? Cause you set my passion alight.
  • Are u phoenix cuz u be blinding me 😉
  • Are you Phoenix? Because you are hot.
  • Are you phoenix? Cause your flame warms my soul.

Brimstone Pick up Lines

  • Are you Brimstone? Cause you make my logic fog up and become useless.

Breach Pick up Lines

  • Are you Breach? Cause your beauty and personality stun me.


     Astra Pickup Lines

  • Are you Astra? Cause your beauty is like the stars… vast and endless.

  • Are you Astra? Because I’ve got stars in my eyes.

      Astra  Voice lines

  • Don’t underestimate me-o. Gold is my heart and my soul cuts like the sword.
  • Guys, don’t think what you’re fighting against.
  • Consider what you are fighting for!
  • I got enough time to into the astral form.
  • I’m going above!”
  • My plan may sound irrational, only because you cannot see what I can!
  • The spike, don’t forget that!
  • This is the final moment of destiny.
  • Up I go!
  • You are ready for this situation, right my friends?

Kayo Pick up lines

  • Are you Kay/O? Cause I want to pick you up.

Reyna Pick up Lines

  • Are you Reyna? Cause you stole my heart.

  • You must be be Reyna, cause you are sucking more than just my soul.

Reyna  quotes and Voice lines

  • Bow before me!
  • I will drain the life from our pray. That’s all they’re good for.
  • Somehow the hunger always lingers.
  • Stay alive! I want their life, not yours.
  • Thank you. I was starving.
  • They stopped breathing? Excellent. Then we’re done.
    Stop them! This is our turf!

 Raze Pick up Lines

  • Are you Raze? Cause, like Flights, you move like a beast.

 Skye Pick up Lines

  • Are you Skye? Cause your beauty blinds me.

  • Are you Skye? Because you make me run out of stuff.

Chamber Pick up Lines

  • Are you Chamber? Cause I had to slow down to take a second look at you

Here are some agent quotes during the match which can be used as Valorant pick up lines.

Dirty Valorant Pick Up lines and Quotes

  • Their MVP is mine. How about we do this!
  • They should stop tryin’!
  • Yes, I’m pumped.
  • Knock ’em down!
  • Let’s get the advantage
  • Let’s go!
  • Let’s keep it rollin’!
  • Let’s push ’em out
  • They’re done? I was just getting started!
  • They’re finished! Who’s up next?
  • They’re not gonna get an inch!
  • This is crazy, it feels like we’ve been doing this forever.
  • Blasting!
  • I don’t need these arms to fight, but they’re fun. Might as well use ’em.
  • I’m firing on all cylinders!
  • Nothing fancy, uh? We go in, we crush them, we get out.
  • The faster we do this, the faster I get paid.
  • We doing this or what?
  • Bring it up!
  • Buy stuff, kaching, lil’ skkkrrrr, then we’re done, yeah?


  • Ah, okay, this is good! I’ve got new gadgets to try out..
    Ah, so much learned this day. A victory, on many fronts.
  • I must survive to protect my family. I can’t lose them. I can’t feel that pain again.
  • My truths stay hidden for one day more.
  • Nothing stays hidden from me. Nothing.
  • Anyone else feel like that? Just me? Okay…
  • Try not to keep down
  • Try not to stress folks, they say I’m a wonder. Not my words! Not my words, child!
  • Unwind, settle down, I have this. Furthermore I’m holding off on leaving until we’re done over here, is that right?
  • We should make this fast brother, I got activities
  • When I’m done, they’ll be nothing more than ash
  • Yes, yes, it’s me, autographs if we survive, yeah?
  • You man ready for a light show?


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