Farmer Pick Up Lines to impress Someone

Farmer Pick Up Lines

Here are some Farmer Pick Up Lines to impress Someone.

Don’t worry about the John – just call me dear.

I forgot my reusable bag, can I borrow one of yours?

Pollinating those petals them with my piston will cost an additional fee.

Come on baby, gimme your seed.

Hey, I’m outta work and I heard you needed some plowing.

How would you like to switch the gears on my tractor?

Baby, why don’t you come on over here and ride my pony.

I’m no Jackie Howe but you’ve got to admit this is shear attraction.

I would love to see the way you farm.

Hey girl did you grow up on a farm? CAUSE YOU SURE KNOW HOW TO RAISE A COCK

Are you a chicken farmer? Cause you sure know how to raise a cock.

I have celeriac seedlings in the back of my car.

Did you grow up on a chicken farm? ‘Cause you sure know how to raise a cock.

Funny Farmer Pick Up Lines

It sure is hot under this tent.

Baby, why don’t you come on over here and ride my horse.

Can this hog feast in your slop tonight.

How many horses can you fit in your barn?

Want to show me how to make steamy greens?

I’ll bring you a sammich while you’re working hard.

Hey honey… oh, sorry. I’m a beekeeper and it’s a force of habit. I’ll buzz off now.

I hear lavender makes underwear drawers smell nice, does it?


I’m looking to turn my greenhouse into more of a green home, if you’ll help me.

Are you sustainable agriculture? Cuz you’re all I need to survive.

I’ll take a half dozen organic eggs and one of you.

I’d love to do a vegetable wash for you.

I’ve also got black boots, you know, just in case a wedding comes up or something.

If you were a chicken, you’d be impeccable!

My farmers tan is all over my body.

The way you moo attracts me like no other!

I would love to grease your fittings.

Well shut the gate because my heart just bolted.

Meet me at the back with a forty.

Can I help you pitch your stand?

Sure, I grow vegetables, not jewellery, but even I know the more carats the better.

Boy are you a tractor? Cause you’d make life on the farm easier.

My dear, you look radishing tonight.

Let’s get dirty.

So, can I be your apprentice? I want to learn all about this farm to fork movement…

I don’t know which horse is the favourite but my heart’s sure racing.

I’m country born, I’m country bred.

Dirty Farmer Pick Up Lines

Cottons not the only thing i’ll be picking up tonight.

If you were a chicken, you’d be impeccable.

You seem more cultivated than my cornfield.

I’m a stud owner. Would you like to be one too?

I have a crockpot and I know how to use it.

I’d like to raise your barn.

Now you know I’m a veggie grower, can I call you pumpkin?

I get fresh eggs daily.

Isn’t it tuber time?

Are you a farm?Cause I’m pretty sure I’m gonna plant my seed in you this spring.

Let me show you my magic garden.

I have a six pack and an empty buddy seat.

Hey, I’m outta work and I heard ya needed some plowing.

Were you raised on a chicken farm?Becuase you sure know how to raise a cock

I didn’t know this was a stonefruit conference but I’m sure glad I found a peach like you.

Baby, we’ll never have to run to the store for milk.

You can tell a lot about a man by the size of his yield.

Your father must’ve been a pumpkin because you look gourdgeous.

I’m thinking of getting a new cattle brand just now- UMe.

Does your father spray pesticides? Because you look like you sprinkled down from heaven.

So, can I be your apprentice? I want to learn all about this farm to table movement.

Smooth Farmer Pick Up Lines

I’m all for sensible firearm laws but I’ll be blowed if I know when that Cupid is going to rein things in. He’s just shot me.

I’m a fifth generation farmer.

If I were a tractor and you were a plow, I would definitely hook up with you.

There’s room under this big hat for two.

Why don’t you come to my farm and check out my high tunnel?

Wanna come over Friday night and till my fields?

I find myself grazing deep into your eyes.

How many native pollinators do you have at your place?

Do you live in a chicken farmCause you you sure know hoe to raise a cock

As an apiarist, I know a sweet flower when I see one.

How about we go over to my beds and spread some of my heirloom seeds.

So, how long have you been pickling these cucumbers?

I’ll starch your shirts AND your jeans.

We might be in drought but I’m having a flood of emotions right now.

As a wool classer I can tell you’re superfine.

Pick up lines for  Farmer

Are you farming equipment?…Cuz you look like a hoe

How about I wear these Carhartts and we plant seeds together.

Have you been eating 00 bait because you’re drop-dead gorgeous.

If I’d known I’d be meeting a Miss Showgirl I would have put on my town Akubra.

I’d cultivate your crops so hard.

Do you want to see the most carrots you’ve ever seen in your life?

Do you want to plow this field?

I usually pull a rotary hoe so let me know if I’m moving too fast.

Will you drive the truck while I load bales?

I have the biggest power shaft in town.

Are you a dozer, because I want you to plow me all night.

You smell like silage and sunshine.

I’d like to grease you up like a pig and chase you round the barnyard.

As a mango grower, I’m used to seeing blushed cheeks. Not usually my own, though.

I wanna put your pork on my fork.

These bags of organic spinach would make some great pillows don’t you think?

I’ll be the John to your Deere, and we can run together forever.

I know you make artisan cheese, but what else can you do with your hands?

Cheesy Pick up lines for  Farmer

You have beautiful calves.

That’s not a cob of corn in my overalls.

A tractor? That’s what I’m trying to do!

Yep, I’m immunised against Q-fever but there’s no vaccination for love.

Can we cuddle? ‘Cause I’m fresian!

Have you got a licence for those guns?

Do you know much about insecticides? Because I’ve just been bitten by the love bug.

You’re a fine piece of acreage.

Look at all that fertile land waiting for me.

How long does it take for your bread to rise?

Hey baby, I’d love to hand pollinate you!

Do you combine here often?

Submitted by Stephen

If you had eleven roses and you looked in the mirror; then you’d see twelve of the most beautiful things in the world.

That hand spun sweater looks big enough for two to get cozy in

I’m good on the farm but better in bed.

Hey baby, I’d love to pollinate you!

I’ve always wanted to be a farmer’s wife.

Cheesy Pick up lines for  Farmer

Mmm, these honey samples are so mouthwatering.

Have you ever frolicked in the fields of [name of your favorite farm]?

You must’ve grown up on Pepperidge farm,Cause you like a snack that I’ll always remember

Want to melt my beeswax candles tonight?

Can I offer you a slice of my pie?

Excuse me did you grow up on a farm?Cuz you sure know how to raise a cock!

Are you farm raised or do you need to be wild-caught?

Can i grow some of you on my farm?

I’ve got some new rubbers, so it’s ok to sow my wild oats if it gets too wet in the field.

I wish I could harvest you at peak season.

Is that a pole shed, or are you glad to see me?

There should be government regulations against all your goodness.

What’s your favorite way to eat rhubarb? [Wait for answer] I’d love to make it for you.

Wanna go for a drive…and check crops?

Look, I can’t wheat to tell you; you make my heart sorghum.

What do you do in your off season?

Is that corn in your silo, or did you have to plant barley this year too?

The back seat of my new Dodge lays right down.

Are you a composting pile? Cause you look hot.

Cool Farmer Pick Up Lines

Would you like to come out to the farm and help me with the bees?

Whoa girl, do you own a dairy farm?Because you got some nice calves! (baby cow)

These plums are so soft.

My name must be John Deere, because I’m totally a tractored to you.

Darlin’, I love your dairy air!

Do you work on a chicken farm? Cause you sure do raise my cock

Is that a wrench in your pocket or are you just happy to be harvesting?

Are you a tractor? Cause you’d make life on the farm easier.

Do you work on a farm?…because you sure know how to raise a cock

We’re you born on a farm? Cause you sure know how to raise a cock

Are you as loud as your chickens?

I’ll tell you how many acres I farm.

I would love to take you out on a date. I am outstanding in my field.

Is that a phone in your pocket or is your rooster happy to see me?

Do you work on a chicken farm? Cuz u sure know how to raise cocks!

You’d sure look good in my milking boots.

You’re so tasty, I bet you don’t need a certification.

Top  Farmer Pick up lines

I don’t normally sow wild oats, but for you I’d make an exception.

Did you perhaps grow up on a farm? Because you are very talented with raising cocks.

So what’s your moisture level?

If you were a bouquet of fresh cut flowers, I would take you home.

My tractor only has 000 hours.

Of all the beautiful faces I just can’t look pastures.

I won’t tell you what I grow but I’ll give you a hint, sweetpotato.

Are you still looking for seasonal labor?

Like vertical farming, I need to know more about you.

Would you mind if I tested your Brix level? You seem sweeter than most.

Do you want to check out my home quarter?

What’s a stud heifer like you doing in a commercial place like this?

Nice set of silos you got there.

Are you a decomposing pile? Cause you look hot.

I’m a grain producer but I’m sure tired of going silo.

 Best Pick up lines for  Farmer

This bushel is so dry, let’s change that.

It’s funny how slippery this jam is!

Meet me in the corn field and I’ll kiss you between the ears.

You can treat me like a stack of hay, and you can bale with me.

Roses are red. Lilies are white. We’d make a great couple, You know that I’m right.

Can I plow you instead of this field?

I’ve always wanted to be a farmer’s wife.

Do you live in a cornfield? Because I’m stalking you.

You look like you have excellent genetics and would be a fine mother. Wanna breed?

I’m not a climate change denier but when you walked in things just got hot.

I’ll be the John to your Deere, and we can run together forever.

My name must be John Deere cause I’m totally a Tractored to you.

Do you have a shovel in your back pocket? Cause I’m diggin that ass!

Forget the 00 mile diet, we do the 00 yard diet.

Why don’t we head over to my pick-up truck and turnip the beet?

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