20+ Amanda Pick Up Lines To Impress Amanda

Amanda Pick Up Lines


Here are some pick up lines for a girl named Amanda.

Amanda Pick Up Lines



Amanda? More like DAMNanda.

I dAMANDA that you go out with me.

What did the guitar and banjo name their daughter?
Amanda Lynn.

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Amanda Amanda who? A man da fix your sink!

I met two amphibious sisters last weekend…
Sal Amanda

You need a-man-da tickle your belly button on the inside?

Who is this Amanda Lorian lady and why is she so popular?

I named my daughter “Amanda Victoria” but I don’t really want her to have a nickname.
Unfortunately I think it might be Manda tory.

What’s the worst name a transvestite could choose?

You need Amanda hug and kiss?

If I were a police officer I’d d-Amanda full search of you immediately.

Hannah Pick Up Lines

What do you call a man disguised as a woman?

If you’re free this weekend and you need Amanda go on a date with, I’m definitely free.

If you need Amanda treat you right, I’m your guy.

Disney decided to make a whole series about Amanda
Amanda Lorian

Anna Pick Up Lines
You say you’re an independent woman, but you need a man, duh.

If I think my son is gay but he dates a girl named Amanda, I’ll know for sure.
Because she’s a man, duh.


You’re amanda and I’m a man dat wants to go out with you.

“Amanda Laurie-Anne”? You can do better than that…

What’s better than eating a mandarin ?
Eating Amanda out.

What do you call a political conservative woman who is required to always be there?
Amanda Tory


Amanda Pick Up Lines
Amanda Pick Up Lines

What was Amanda Todds favorite cocktail?
S*x on the bleach.

Audrey Pick Up Lines

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