Diabetes Pick Up Lines

Diabetes Pick Up Lines

Here are some Diabetes Pick Up Lines for loved ones.

I’ll let you use my One Touch if you’d like.
Damn girl, you’re NOVOFINE.
You’re gonna give me high blood sugar by being that sweet.
Are you diabetic? Because you look type A to me.
Hey baby, you’re just my type; juvenile.
Hey girl, I’d like to see you with your pump off.
I’m gonna have to take some insulin, cause that p*ssy looks super-sweet.
Girl, I am suffering from hypoglycem.
My blood glucose won’t be the only thing rising tonight.
I’ve never felt this glu-close to someone before!
Baby you’re like me needles. ultra-fine.
Wanna bump pumps?
You’re so sweet I think I need another bolus just from that smile.
I am guilty of the “baby my blood sugar is a little low, gimme some sugar.
But boy, would I love to pump into your reservoir.
I know normally the reservoir is inserted inside the pump…
Girl you’re as sweet as a glucose tablet.
Sit on my lap sweetie and lets talk about my a1c.
Slow down sugar, I’m diabetic!
Hey girl can you check your blood sugar? Cuz I would love to know your number.

Diabetic Pick Up Lines

Inject me your love like insulin..
Someone get me a glucagon, shawty got low!
Baby you are as sweet as Splenda!
Hey babydoll, you look like you’re just my Type.
Please don’t be too sweet. I might get Diabetes!
Baby I have to correction bolus around you because you’re so sweet.
Is your name Sugar ? Cause you give me diabetes every time I see you.

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