Dark Pick Up Lines

Dark Pick Up Lines

So you want some dark/offensive pick up lines, then you’re in the right place. Here are some creepy lines which you can use to display your humor.

  • Can I ask you to drop dead? I’m a necrophiliac and I might just think about it.
  • I’m having trouble thinking straight. All the blood from my brain has been drained to give me a bon*r.
  • I wish I was your multi-variable calculus homework… because then I’d be really hard and you’d be doing me all over your desk.
  • Why don’t you kneel down and smile like a donut.
  • Did you choke on a light bulb? Your chest is all flashy

creepy pick up lines

  • Are you a club penguin? Because even though you’ve been dead for 3 years I still love playing with you.
  • I am trying to establish a p*** network. Will you do me the honor of being my first client?
  • How do you like your milk delivery? Across the front or back? I wouldn’t mind taking it through the back.
  • Can I be your second derivative? Because I want to explore your curves.
  • Is heaven missing an angel? Cuz you got nice cans.
  • I hate a ride, but I would have to come between you and your dress. It is not needed at the moment.
  • Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only 10 I see.
  • Is your name sandy?Is your last name hook?
  • I like your five year old, real attached to her?
  • I must be a priest bc you look hot for 12.

Some more Dark pick up lines

  • Tell me you are a banana because I find you a peeling.

dark pick up lines

  • How are you not tired? You’ve been engaged in a naked marathon in my mind all day.
  • If I could choose a place around you to live, I will choose your socks. I want to be with you only every damn step of the journey.
  • You have the most beautiful tatas I have ever seen. Can I be reincarnated as your child? I would like to suck on then till I am old and graying.
  • You look very familiar. Have I met you recently? It must be the clothes that are confusing me. I can’t identify you with them on.
  • Can I borrow that shirt off you right now? I want to go pay the bartender but I don’t wanna go alone.
  • I love your T-shirt. Can I study it in Braille? And no, you don’t have to take it off.
  • I’ve been noticing you noticing me noticing you noticing me. If you wouldn’t mind, I would like to change the multiple noticing into notices of o****** for you!
  • I’m stalking you because you might has well be a corn field.
  • I will hate having to spike your drink. Simply agree with me now.
  • Stop being melancholic. I know your crush is dead. I did it so that you can be with me.
  • How do I get the STUD? I only have STD and U are all I need!
  • Your outfit is so dazzling. Do you Know how it can look better? Rumpled in a bunch on mysteries that haven’t been solved.

Dark Creep Pick Up Lines

  • Hey, babe – let’s pass the time before environmental disaster engulfs the world.
  • You smell different when you’re awake.
  • As long as I have a face you have a place to sit.
  • Hey, are you a toaster? Because I wanna take a bath with you!
  • Come for a ride! I am a friend of your dad
  • Hey, I notice an abundance of meal down your crotch. Will you like me to eat you out?
  • Do you work at the subway? Because you’re giving me a foot long.

  • May I buy you a drink? Or would you rather just have the money.
  • I’m throwing you a house party. On my bed
  • Hi, I came to talk to you following the instructions of the voices in my head.
  • If you ever want to have the first kid, you will get in bed with me.
  • I’m new to this area. Can you lead me on the way to your apartment?
  • I wish I could be your bathwater. So I can slither all-around your books and crevices.
  • How do I like my women? The way I like my coffee. Black and sealed in a bag that is airtight. Also, stored in the deep freezer.
  • How would you like your sausage in the morning? Cooked, or, um I’m really not good at this.
  • I can see our future. We are destined to be married.
  • We all die someday. Wanna go out with me?
  • Hey baby, did it hurt? When you crashed through the Earth’s crust on your ascension from hell?
  • Hey, I have candy out in the back. It is in my van. Would you care for some?

Some more Funny  pick up lines

  • Hey baby are you wearing vans? Because your about to be in the back of one
  • I’m not a weatherman, but I know that you’re getting at least 8 inches tonight…
  • How old are you? 23? Oh man, I love fucking 23-year-olds. Why? Coz there’s 20 of them of course.
  • Are you a light switch? I keep getting turned on every time you are around.
  • There must be something wrong with my eyesight. I need your help, I just can’t take them off you.
  • You can call me baby. All I want to be is inside you forever.
  • Wow! I could never have guessed you look way better in person than what I have been seeing through my telescope.
  • You want to call the cops. Go ahead, see who comes first.
  • Damn girl, are you a schoolhouse? Because I’d shoot kids in you
  • You look pretty good. I must have had quite a lot to drink.
  • I want to touch you but you have to promise not to call the cops.
  • I’ve got a hard-on and a knife, and one of them’ going in you tonight.
  • Is your daddy a baker? Because you got some nice buns.
  • Are you a school because I wanna shoot kids inside of you.
  • Do you work at McDonald’s? Because I’m lovin it.
  • I would like to have a clone of you to myself. Can you offer me your groin hair? I hear that works better.
  • What genre of music do you like? Why not heavy metal? I can make you learn how to scream.


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