100+ Shrek Pick Up Lines To Impress Someone

Shrek Pick Up Lines


Who wouldn’t love to make someone laugh with a clever line from one of the most beloved animated characters of all time? Shrek pick-up lines have become a fun and humorous way to break the ice, especially among fans of the iconic green ogre. Whether you’re looking to charm someone at a party or just make your friends giggle, these Shrek-inspired pick-up lines are sure to add a playful twist to your conversation. In this post, we will explore the most creative and amusing Shrek pick-up lines that can turn a simple greeting into an unforgettable moment. Get ready to unleash your inner ogre!

  1. “Are you Princess Fiona? Because my heart feels enchanted by you!”
  2. “You must be an ogre because you’ve got layers of beauty!”
  3. “If I were Donkey, would you be my Dragon?”
  4. “Call me Lord Farquaad, because I’ve fallen short of words for your beauty.”
  5. “You’re like onions to an ogre. I just want to peel back the layers and get to know you.”
  6. “If I’m Shrek, will you be my happily ever after?”
  7. “Are you from Duloc? Because you’ve put me under your spell.”
  8. “Would you join me in my swamp? We could be two ogres in love!”
  9. “Like Donkey and Dragon, we’d make a fairy-tale couple.”
  10. “You must be a potion from Fairy Godmother because you’ve bewitched me.”
  11. “Our love story could be the next Shrek movie!”
  12. “I’m not Prince Charming, but I can be your Shrek.”
  13. “Can I be the Pinocchio to your Gingy? I promise never to lie to you!”
  14. “You must be a fairytale creature, because you’ve enchanted my heart!”
  15. “I may not have a castle, but I can offer you my swamp-filled heart.”
  16. “I’m no puss in boots, but I’m purring over you!”
  17. “Wanna join me in my mud bath? It’s very romantic!”
  18. “Like Shrek and Fiona, our love could break any curse.”
  19. “I must be Donkey, because I can’t stop talking about you!”
  20. “Are you the Fairy Godmother? Because you’ve made my dreams come true.”
  21. “If you kiss me, will I turn into a prince?”
  22. “I must be Gingy because you’ve got me crumbling!”
  23. “You’ve got me feeling like Shrek – totally in love with you!”
  24. “I’d cross a dragon-guarded castle for you any day.”
  25. “Are we in Far Far Away? Because being with you feels like a fairytale.”
  26. “I may be an ogre by day, but I can be your prince by night.”
  27. “Let’s make like Shrek and Fiona and grow old and green together!”
  28. “Are you from the land of Far Far Away? Because I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”
  29. “You must be magic, because whenever I’m with you, everyone else disappears.”
  30. “I’d never trade you for a Happily Ever After potion.”
  31. “You’ve got me tangled in your fairytale love story.”
  32. “Are you the Rumpelstiltskin of love? Because I’d sign any contract for you.”
  33. “We must be in Shrek’s swamp, because I feel at home with you.”
  34. “Let’s make a perfect duet like Shrek and Fiona singing.”
  35. “You’ve put a spell on me, and now I’m yours.”
  36. “You’re the queen to my kingdom of love.”
  37. “I’d slay any dragon to win your heart.”
  38. “Want to join me in my quest for love?”
  39. “I’m no fairy tale prince, but I can love you like Shrek loves Fiona.”
  40. “Your love feels like a fairy tale come true.”
  41. “You must be Princess Fiona, because you’ve transformed my life.”
  42. “Wanna be the Fiona to my Shrek? Let’s make a fairytale together!”
  43. “I’ll be your Shrek if you’ll be my Fiona – forever and always.”
  44. “You’re the fairytale ending I’ve been looking for.”
  45. “Can I be the Donkey to your Shrek? We’d make great friends and maybe more.”
  46. “You’ve got me feeling like a lovesick ogre.”
  47. “Let’s create our own fairy tale, just like Shrek and Fiona.”
  48. “If love were a swamp, I’d wade through it all for you.”
  49. “You must be the Dragon to my Donkey because you’ve set my heart on fire!”
  50. “I’m no Prince Charming, but I’ll fight for you like Shrek.”
  51. “I’d scale the tallest tower to rescue you.”
  52. “Let’s make like Shrek and Fiona and write our own love story.”
  53. “Are you Cinderella? Because I see Shrek’s glass slipper fitting you perfectly.”
  54. “My love for you is like an onion – it’s got layers!”
  55. “I’m not looking for a Fairy Godmother, just a chance to be with you.”
  56. “Our love could be a Shrek sequel. How about it?”
  57. “You must be a potion, because you’ve transformed my life.”
  58. “Like Shrek’s ears, my love for you is uniquely shaped but real.”
  59. “Would you join me in Far Far Away? I promise to make it worth your while.”
  60. “My love for you is as vast as Shrek’s swamp.”
  61. “You’re my Princess Fiona, and I’ll never let you go.”
  62. “Call me Shrek because I’ve found my Fiona in you.”
  63. “Want to take a ride on the Dragon with me? It’s where love takes flight!”
  64. “I may live in a swamp, but my love for you is pure gold.”
  65. “I may be an ogre, but my love for you is anything but monstrous.”
  66. “Like Shrek, I’d go to the ends of the world for you.”
  67. “Are you a spell from Fairy Godmother? Because you’ve made me fall in love.”
  68. “You’ve got me feeling like Shrek on his wedding day.”
  69. “If love were an adventure, I’d choose you as my partner, just like Shrek chose Fiona.”
  70. “Would you be the Fiona to my Shrek in this dance of love?”
  71. “Let’s make our own ‘happily ever after,’ just like Shrek and Fiona.”
  72. “I may be as clumsy as Shrek, but I’ll never stumble in loving you.”
  73. “I’m not a prince, but I’ll be your Shrek forever.”
  74. “You’ve got me feeling like Donkey – head over heels in love!”
  75. “I’m not an ogre, but I’ll love you with all my layers.”
  76. “Like Shrek, I’m ready to cross the world for you.”
  77. “You must be Shrek’s swamp, because I’m lost in you.”
  78. “My love for you is like Shrek’s story – never-ending and true.”
  79. “I may not be a knight, but I’ll fight for you like Shrek fought for Fiona.”
  80. “Are you my Fiona? Because I’ve been searching for you in every fairytale.”
  81. “If I’m the Shrek to your Fiona, will you marry me?”
  82. “I’m no handsome prince, but I can be your Shrek.”
  83. “Like Shrek’s adventure, our love is a thrilling journey.”
  84. “You’re my Princess Fiona, trapped in a tower, and I’m coming for you!”
  85. “You’ve got me tangled in your love story like a Shrek movie plot.”
  86. “I’m not a fairy tale hero, but I can be your Shrek.”
  87. “You’ve captured my heart like Fiona captured Shrek’s.”
  88. “Wanna create our fairytale love story, just like Shrek and Fiona?”
  89. “You must be Shrek’s potion because you’ve changed my life for the better.”
  90. “Are you the Gingerbread Man? Because I want to run away with you!”
  91. “I’ll be your Shrek, and you can be my Fiona. Let’s make it forever.”
  92. “Our love is like a Shrek movie – fun, adventurous, and true.”
  93. “Let’s make our story as epic as Shrek’s adventures.”
  94. “I may be an ogre, but my love for you is princely.”
  95. “You’re my fairytale ending, and I won’t let you go.”
  96. “I’ll fight dragons and cross swamps, all to be with you.”
  97. “Like Shrek, I’m not perfect, but I’ll love you perfectly.”
  98. “You’re the Fiona to my Shrek – a match made in a fairytale.”
  99. “Will you be my Princess Fiona? I promise to love you like Shrek does.”
  100. “You’re the ogre to my swamp. Together, we’re perfect.”

Onions have layers.

Are you shrek ? Cause I’m all ogre you.

Want to come over for dinner and stay for breakfast? Because I’m making waffles!

In the morning, I’m making waffles girl.

Are you Shrek? Because I get hard just thinking about you.

Can we have shrex.?

Will you be my shrekintine?

Shrek Pick Up Lines
Shrek Pick Up Lines

Hey are you Shrek? Cause I can’t seem to get ogre you.



Shrek Pick Up Lines

You like donkey punch?

Funny Shrek Pick Up Lines

Are you an onion? Cause I want to peel all your layers off.

I love how shrektacular you look.

Shrek Pick Up Lines
Cheesy Shrek Pick Up Lines

I’ll all ogre you by midnight.

I want to put my swamp juice inside you.

Get out of my swamp and into my bed.

Shrek Pick Up Lines
Shrek PickUp Lines

Hey are you shrek? Cuz I wanna be in your swamp.

I don’t believe in onion at first sight.

Hey girl, do you live in a swamp? Because you look as beautiful as Shrek


Shrek Pick Up Lines
Pick Up Lines For Shrek

Hello donkey.

Remove your layers.


I enjoy “it’s all ogre now”

My love for you has many layers just like an onion.

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