What Is A Pick Up Line ?

Pick Up Line


What is a pick up line? Is it something that only happens in movies or is it real life too? If you want to impress someone at a bar or club, then you should definitely try out some of these lines.

Pick up lines are phrases that men use to attract women. They usually involve flattery, complimenting her looks, or asking her out on a date.

Pickup lines are meant to get a woman interested in you. The purpose of a pickup line is to show interest in a woman without being creepy.

If you have tried using pickup lines and they don’t work for you, read this article about what not to say when approaching a girl.

Why do I need a pick up line?

I think the best reason why you would ever need a pickup line is if you find yourself alone with a stranger who has caught your eye. You will likely be nervous and may not know how to approach them. A good pickup line can help you make an introduction and start talking to someone new.

What kinds of pick up lines exist?

There are many different types of pickup lines. Some people like to use cheesy pickup lines while others prefer more serious lines. There are also old-fashioned pickup lines and modern lines.

Modern pickup lines tend to focus on the physical appearance of a person. This includes things like “You look nice today” or “Nice eyes”. These lines often include compliments regarding a person’s body (e.g. “Your legs look great in those jeans”).

Old school pickup lines focus on personality rather than appearance. They are typically used by older men looking to meet younger women. For example, one classic pickup line from the 1970s was: “So where are you from?”

Cheesy pickup lines fall into two categories. First, there are the cheesy pickup lines that are just plain stupid. Examples of these are: “Do you have any gum?” or “Can I borrow some sugar?” Another category of cheesy pickup lines involves sexual innuendos. Here are a few examples: “How about a blowjob?”; “Hey baby, let me give you a backrub”; “Are you married yet?”


Pick Up Lines
Pick Up Lines

Pick up Lines – How To Get Laid Fast


The main goal of any pickup line is to get a woman interested enough to ask you out on a date. Once she asks you out, then you can begin dating. It is important to note that most pickup lines will not guarantee success.

Most pickup lines are based on confidence. If you seem confident, then you will probably perform well when picking up girls.

The first step in learning how to use pickup lines is to practice the lines until they become second nature. When you feel comfortable with the lines, then you will be ready to go out and meet girls.

When meeting strangers, you should always be careful to avoid making embarrassing mistakes. Avoid saying anything inappropriate, especially if you are trying to pick up a woman at a bar or club.

Another tip is to stay away from sexually suggestive pickup lines unless you are absolutely sure that the person you are speaking with finds them funny. Even though women love a little bit of humor, some of the things you might come across as humorous could actually offend her.

It is important to remember that pickup lines are tools. Like all other tools, they should be used correctly. You wouldn’t use a hammer as a screwdriver or vice versa.


Try using these pickup lines:

1) “You look really cute tonight.”

2) “Do you have a boyfriend?”

3) “You look hot today.”

4) “What time does your shift end?”

5) “Where did you come from?”

6) “You look so pretty today.”

7) “What kind of music do you listen to?”

8) “Is this seat taken?”

9) “Do you want to see my new car?”

10) “Do you remember high school?”

11) “I hope you had a wonderful weekend.”

12) “You look very sexy today.”

13) “Have you been working out lately?”

14) “Would you like to kiss me?”

15) “I hope I didn’t interrupt anything.”

16) “Where do you study?”

17) “What do you do for fun?”

18) “Did we just pass each other?”

19) “That was cool. Did you catch it?”

20) “It looks like rain outside. Do you mind if I join you?”

21) “Is this your dog?”

22) “Excuse me.”

23) “Could I take a picture of you?”

24) “I’d love to take you home with me.”

25) “My name is __________. What’s yours?”

26) “Hi! My name is _________. Would you like to dance?”

27) “May I buy you a drink?”

28) “I don’t know what happened but I think I lost my wallet.”

29) “Do you play tennis?”

30) “How much would you charge to suck my dick?”

31) “Do you live around here?”

32) “You look like someone who could use a friend.”

33) “Do you smoke?”

34) “Do you like to party?”

35) “I saw you dancing alone at the bar last night. You looked lonely.”

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