Police in Sacramento, California, are hunting for at least two suspects after six people were killed and 10 others injured during a shooting in the city’s downtown early Sunday morning.

Kathy Lester, chief of the Sacramento police department, said at a news conference that police were patrolling the area at about 2am after hearing gunfire.

When they arrived at the scene, she said, they found a crowd gathered on the street and six people dead.

Lester said there were three men and three women among those killed. She did not identify any of the victims. Another 10 either took themselves or were transported to hospitals.

The shootings in Sacramento happened as another incident occurred in Dallas, Texas, where one person was killed and 10 others injured during a shooting.

Last month a man in Sacramento shot dead his three daughters and another person at a church in the city.

The latest shootings also come after last month two people were killed and two injured on a public bus in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.