[Top 50 ] Geologist Pick Up Lines

Geologist Pick Up Lines

Here are some top Geologist Pick Up Lines to impress Someone.

Do minerals count? Hey baby, call me Galena, because I’ll leave residue all over your fingers.I don’t think you wollastonite when we fukalite.

Hey baby, want to pegmatite hole?

Lava is red,tsunamis are blue.If you were a case study,I’d choose you.

You rock my world.

I really dig you !

Is that a pick axe in your pocket?

I knew you were rubble when you walked in.

Hey honey, why don’t you check out my cleavage?

You’re causing a thermal expansion in my pants.

Baby, I’m harder than anything on the Moh’s Scale.

Was that a Supervolcano or did you just blow me away?

I need to check your topography. Trust me, I’m a geologist.

Are you a secondary impact of a volcano? Cause you’re on fire

PHEW! Is that a magma intrusion or is it getting hot in here?

Hey are you 10 on the Richter scale? Because you rock my world.

Baby, opposites attract so why don’t you and me form an Ionic bond.

Lava is red, tsunamis are blue ,If you were a case study, I’d choose you

My heart skips a beat when my eyes meteors.. cos you’re out of this world!

Are you Geologist? Cause girl you’ve just given me a volcanic eruption! So hilarious!

 Funny Geologist Pick Up Lines

You’ remind me of longshore drift.. Because you just swept me away. Do you even rift?

You girl, I’ll be Kaikab, you be Toroweap, and let’s have inter tonguing relationships

Hey girl are you sedimentary rock because I love how many layers there are to your personality.

If we were an earthquake… I’d be the S wave and you’d be the P wave, because you would be the first to come.

Wow you have no idea how ‘gorge’ous you are…

I think I might need a retaining wall to stop my jaw from dropping…

Is that a belemnite in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

I wish you were a conglomerate cause I’d love to have you round

I knew you were rubble when you walked in

Are you an aftershock of an earthquake because I think I’m falling for you all over again

You know when I said we’d be together forever? I hope you believed me when I ‘Sediment’ it.. wink

‘Big girls are beautiful’? well of coarse you are!!

I would ask you out but I need to be a little boulder

Are you a sample of carbon because I’d like to date you

You’ remind me of longshore drift.. Because you just swept me away.

Are you an igneous rock, because I want to date you.

Do you even rift?

Are you the Fourties oil field because I’m going to inject my drilling fluid into your subsurface.

I’ll be the Kaikab, you be the Coconino, and let’s have intertonguing relationships.

Hey cutie, subduction interfaces are not the only things that will experience significant grinding tonight.

Has your angle of repose been exceeded, because I think I’m falling for you.

Cheesy  Geologist Pick Up Lines

Hi handsome, is that halite in your pants, because there’s one way to know for sure.

You make my clinometer reading rise.

You must be the Marcellus Shale, because I want to penetrate you with my drill pipe.

Hey baby, river sediment isn’t the only thing I’d like to accrete laterally.

Hey sexy, wanna go to my place and fornacite?

If you squeeze me any harder I’ll be cummingtonite!

What does rutile and I have in common? We both come in quartz.

You remind me of longshore drift because you just swept me away.

Are you a mudrock, ’cause you sure look fine to me.

Kiliuea won’t be the only thing erupting tonight.

I’m a geologist and I’m hung like a horst.

You must cause contact metamorphism because you’ve got one hot body.

Hey baby, I’ll have you cummingtonite if you stick your dickite into my borehole.

Rock Pick Up Lines

Are you Medusa? Cause you make me rock hard

Hey are you into geology? Cause your body rocks.

Woah, is that an earthquake? Or did you just rock my world?

Hey baby, are you a tsunami? Cause you can rock my boat all night long.

I hope you’re a geology major cause I need you to take a look at this rock in my pants.

In honor of Earth Day, I’ll rock your world.

Knock knock! Who’s there? Ike who? Ike can rock your world, baby.

Was that a Middle-Earthquake? or did you just rock my world?

Rocks aren’t the only things I can get rough with.

Baby were you formed by water eroding rock over billions of years because you are GORGE-ous.

Are you Medusa?Cause, I’m rock hard right now.

Let’s rock n roll

Let’s go make my Plymouth rock.

Let’s put a rock on your finger.

Nothing turns me on more than a long hard rock and some tuber.

We must be in Gorons cave, cause I’m hard as a rock.

You are the siren, but you are my rocks.

Boy, are you a rock? Because I wanna climb you like one.

Are you an earth bender? Because you make me rock hard.

Hey girl, were you on the Mayflower? Because you rock my ship.

Hi, wanna take a ride in my Metallicar? Because I’m ready for some Rock’n’Roll!

Let’s make like the pilgrims and faceplant on something rock-hard.

I’ll give you my buckle and show you my Plymouth Rock.

You may not be a rockstar, but you look pretty rocking to me.

Is your name Dwayne Johnson? Because you Rock my world!

Is your relationship on the rocks? I have some alcohol for that!

Some more Rock Pick Up Lines

For score, seven years ago…I would have rocked that butt.

I’m gonna rock your New World!

Do you like the fantastic 4? Cause ive got something thats rock hard!

Weren’t you on the cover of rock and ice last month?

If you were Gerald, I’d let you stay on the rock.

I see two nice lookin’ rocks I’d like to grab, do you mind?

I know I’m not no Fred Flintstone, but I bet I can make yer bed-rock.

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