10+ Sydney Pick Up Lines To Impress Sydney

Sydney Pick Up Lines

Here are some top pick-up lines for a girl named Sydney.


Sydney Pick Up Lines

Look for P Sherman 42 wallaby way.

Are you from Australia? Cause I’d love to cum in your land down under.

I’m glad your name’s Sydney because I would love to go down under.

Hey Sidney, the name fits cause I wanna be down under you.

Call me the Opera House because I’m gonna be in Sydney.

I’d like to go down under on you.

Sydney Pick Up Lines
Sydney Pick Up Lines

What do you call a kangaroo who is a dead set genius?
A quantum leap.

Is there a reason the Grizzly bear didn’t get a job in Sydney?
He didn’t have the proper koala-fictions

What’s the difference between the Australian Rugby team and Sydney Harbour Bridge?
Not everyone has walked over the Sydney Harbour bridge.

Everyone thinks Sydney is the capital city of Australia.
It’s actually Vienna.


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