50+ Social Distancing pick up lines – The only list you need.

Social Distancing Pick Up lines

During pandemics, finding love can be challenging, but you can drop chessy social distancing pick up lines on text to cheer your loved ones up.

Here’s a list of 50+ funny social distancing pick up lines .


Ooh, baby, that mask is so hot it’s taking my breath away.#SocialDistancingPickUplines

Since all the public libraries are closed, I’m checking you out instead.#SocialDistancingPickUplines

One ply? Two ply? Neither. The only thing I’m looking for is your re-ply. #SocialDistancingPickUplines

Wanna play Corona virus and get spread on hard surfaces? #SocialDistancingPickUplines

I can provide you with some vitamin D while in Quarantine.#SocialDistancingPickUplines

Being locked in together with you doesn’t sound so bad. #SocialDistancingPickUplines

Hey baby are you covid-19? Because I feel you inside me tonight. #SocialDistancingPickUplines

We were all told to stay 6 feet apart, but for you I’m willing to risk 4 feet. #SocialDistancingPickUplines

Are you the corona virus? Coz you are the Wuhan for me. #SocialDistancingPickUplines

You Smell So Good , Is That Purell You’re Wearing ? Face throwing a kiss. #SocialDistancingPickUplines

stay home if you sicc, come over if you thicc. #SocialDistancingPickUplines


Social Distancing Pick Up Lines
Social Distancing Pick Up Lines

FaceTime and chill? #SocialDistancingPickUplines

I’ve got a virus in my lungs and you in my heart.#SocialDistancingPickUplines

If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d keep U and I exactly where they are, with eleven letters of longing between them.#SocialDistancingPickUplines

If there’s martial law, let’s dog it raw?#SocialDistancingPickUplines

The only thing I won’t violate is quarantine.#SocialDistancingPickUplines

If COVID-19 doesn’t take you out… Can I?#SocialDistancingPickUplines

I’ll be the carrier, you’ll be the virus.#SocialDistancingPickUplines

Wanna be my date for the end of the world?#SocialDistancingPickUplines

Restaurants and bars may be closed, but im open for business.#SocialDistancingPickUplines

Isolate and mate? #SocialDistancingPickUplines

Are you a pandemic because you’ve got my heart on lockdown. #SocialDistancingPickUplines

Wanna get closer than 6 feet. #SocialDistancingPickUplines

Wanna make plans that we have to cancel? #SocialDistancingPickUplines

Fancy going out ? I’ll go Tuesday, you go Wednesday. #SocialDistancingPickUplines

Are you a pandemic because you’ve got my heart on lockdown. #SocialDistancingPickUplines

Are you coronavirus because your smile is highly infectious. #SocialDistancingPickUplines

Dirty Social Distancing Pick Up Lines

“Since all the public libraries are closed, I’m checking you out instead.” #SocialDistancingPickUplines

Roses are red Violets are blue If I end up in quarantine I hope it’s with you. #SocialDistancingPickUplines

Contagious smile. Infectious laughter. If looks could kill, you’d be COVID-19. #SocialDistancingPickUplines

Hey baby, you come within 6 feet of here often? #SocialDistancingPickUplines

Bunker down and I’ll tongue your brown? #SocialDistancingPickUplines

Even during the corona pandemic, the most contagious thing is still your smile. #SocialDistancingPickUplines

Hey baby, are you a latex glove, because I want to put my hand inside you. #SocialDistancingPickUplines

Girl are you called Covid-19? Because you put the cute in acute respiratory failure. #SocialDistancingPickUplines

Hey there, are you the vaccine? Because the whole world is chasing you.. #SocialDistancingPickUplines

I’ll assume you can go the distance together. #SocialDistancingPickUplines

If the govt doesn’t give you a stimulus package, can I? #SocialDistancingPickUplines

Are you toilet paper because someone like you is hard to find. #SocialDistancingPickUplines

Six-feet, Please.#SocialDistancingPickUplines

Are you hand sanitizer because you’re essential to me especially during tough times. #SocialDistancingPickUplines

Are you a pandemic because someone like you can only be found once in a century. #SocialDistancingPickUplines

Do you like my fallout shelter? It fits two comfortably. #SocialDistancingPickUplines

You can’t spell virus without U and I. Baby, do you need toilet paper? #SocialDistancingPickUplines
Because I can be your Prince Charmin.

Is that hand sanitizer in your pocket or are you just happy to be within 6ft of me? #SocialDistancingPickUplines

Excuse me, are you COVID-19? You make me sick. #SocialDistancingPickUplines

Hey baby, I’m still employed. #SocialDistancingPickUplines

Is that pneumonia in my lungs or has your smile just left me breathless? #SocialDistancingPickUplines

Stay away if you’re sick…come over if you’re thicc. #SocialDistancingPickUplines

You can’t spell quarantine without “URA QT” #SocialDistancingPickUplines

Are you covid-19 because if I had you near me I wouldn’t leave the house for two weeks straight. #SocialDistancingPickUplines

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