10+ Savannah Pick Up Lines

Savannah Pick Up Lines


Here are some pick up lines for a girl named Savannah

Savannah Pick Up Lines


I heard deserts are dry but I can change that ;

Are you a savannah?? Bc I want to run wild on you…brother.

It’s funny the lion thinks he’s “The King Of The Jungle” when he actually lives in the savannah.

Like the rest of Georgia, Savannah is best dealt with a scorched earth policy.

Then again, maybe I’d think the same thing if I was in you.

You know, as a lion, I like to call myself the king of the jungle, But I rather be in the Savannah. When can I move in?

Your hair looks perfect for a lion to hide behind.

Are you one of the many ungulates that live here, cause you can munch on my grasses.

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Savannah Pick Up Lines
Savannah Pick Up Lines

I’m a fire prone ecosystem, and you’ve got me stoked.

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