Rocket League Pick Up Lines

Rocket League Pick Up Lines

Here are some top Rocket League Pick Up Lines.

Girlfriend is like a Mystery Decal. I don’t have one.

Let’s go someplace quiet, take these decals off and 1v1.

I bet you play defence, because you’re a keeper.

Is your name Ariel? Cause I suck at hitting those.

Girl, you’re thicker than a Road Hog XL.

Is that thunder I hear? ’cause you hot as crimson lightning.

“Are you a short pass from the corner? Because I really want to pound you into the wall right now.”

Don’t make me solo queue.

It’s a good thing you’re such a slow lob on a rebound, because now I actually might have a chance to score.

Are part of the Supersonic Fury DLC? Cause I’d Dominus you

Are you battle car? Because you boosted your way into my heart.

I’m going to score so hard tonight.

I use the dominus because you’re always dominating my thoughts.

Are you a grand champ? Cause you’re out of my league.

I’ve got some positioning and rotation drills I’d like to try with you.

Getting a girlfriend is like opening crates and looking for a BM decal. You keep spending money on it and it just isn’t going to happen.

Hey baby you can call me the Geico Rocket League Invitationals because I’m only going to last 5 minutes and come without any warning.

Are you a crate? Because I want to open you up.

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