Plumber PickUp Lines To Impress Someone.

Plumber Pickup Lines

It’s time for you to show your Plumbing Skills by using Plumber Pickup Lines. xD

Here Are Top Plumber Pickup Lines Which You Can Use To Impress Someone.


I hope you’re a plumber because you got my pipe leaking.

Wanna see my plunger?

Plumber? I hardly even know her.

I have a dirty job. I’m a plumber.

Is your father a plumber? Because when you come in the room, it seems so clogged.

That is quite an elbow joint.

Are you a plumber? Cause you are making me wet.

If there’s anything I know how to do the right way… it’s lay pipe. I’m happy to prove it!

Are you a plumber? Because I need you to pump and clean my pipes.

I don’t normally plunge into a relationship, but tonight I’ll make an exception.

Can I tinker with your pipes?

I wanna flush your pipes, baby.

You’re flooding my heart with emotions.

I’m a sucker for a man who knows how to use his equipment.

Hey girl, are you a plumber? Cause I have a pipe that needs to be laid!

I’ll only use rigid pipe in your rim holes.

Is that your boyfriend? Because that’d throw a real wrench in my plans.

Tonight was almost down the drain… until you walked in.

Toi-let me be your valentine?

I hope you’re a plumber. Because you’ve got my pipe leaking.

That plunger brings out the color in your eyes!

Let’s become a potty of two tonight.


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