• Hey, wanna go out? I’m very peperlonely.
  • Girl, you’ve stolen a pizza my heart.
  • Do you like Pizza Hut? Because I want to stuff your crust.
  • Babe you’re hot enough to burn the roof of my mouth.
  • I have pizza.
  • You are like pizza, spicy and cheesy.
  • I love pizza but i love you more.
  • Excuse me, are you a pizza? Because you’re hot.
  • I only eat two things: pizza and you.
  • Girl, our romance could become a pizza history.
  • Wanna try my personal dipping sauce?
  • You’re like a pizza, Even when you are bad, you’re good.
  • You’re the pizza I don’t want to share.
  • If you don’t come in 30 minutes or less, I’m free.
  • I spelled out your name with the pepperonis.
  • Just like this pizza, my tongue will also go straight to your thighs.
  • I don’t want a pizza you, I want the whole pie.
  • I’m missing a key ingredient for my pizza, and that’s you.
  • “A dough has to be kneaded first to taste better; so are you.”
  • I’m available with or without sausage.
  • Are you olive because I love olive you.
  • You’ll be the pizza and I’ll be the sauce, ’cause I wanna be all over you.
  • Don’t shake me, don’t turn me upside down. Just treat me nicely, and then EAT ME.

Some More Pick up Lines/puns.

  • You are a lovely kind of sight, lovelier than a box of pizza.
  • Will you be the extra cheese to my pizza?
  • Hey, I will give you pizza in exchange for your number.
  • Girl, are you a pizza? Because I have this huge crust on you.
  • Are you the pizza man? Because you sure can deliver.
  • I have only two addictions: pizza and you.
  • Wanna hear a joke about pizza? Never mind, it’s too cheesy.
  • Hey babe, how about a pizza and some s*x? (No!) Why not? You don’t like pizza?
  • “I would gladly give you my heart made up of pizza.
  • You’re the only topping I need on my pizza.
  • I know this is cheesy, but I think you’re SAUCY.
  • Babe, are you a pizza? Because I feel hungry just looking at you…
  • Are you the pizza man? Because you sure can deliver.
  • I’m like Domino’s Pizza. If I don’t come in 30 minutes, the next one is free.
  • If I don’t get your number, I’m going to fall to pizzas.
  • You’re the type of person I’d order a pizza for.
  • If you were a pizza and I were cheese, I’d melt over you.
  • You’re just like a pizza box, ’cause I can’t wait to take your top off.
  • Are you craving some Pizza? Because I’ll gladly give you a pizz-a this dick!
  • I’m craving pizza, but I’m craving you more.
  • Baby you got through my heart so easily as only a pizza could.
  • Pizza and beer only work fine if I also have you as my company
  • Babe, are you a pizza? Because every slice of you is perfect.



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