40+ Mortician Pick Up Lines To Impress Someone


Mortician Pick Up Lines

Here are some top Mortician Pick Up Lines which you can use to impress someone.


Mortician Pick Up Lines

Damn girl are you a Mortician?
Cause that booty is to die for

Damn girl are you a Mortician ?
Cause you killin niggas outchere

Damn girl are you a Mortician?
Cuz I’m dying to meet you…..

Damn girl are you a Mortician?
Because I get partial rigor mortis whenever you’re around.


So you’re single now.

We have got to stop meeting like this.

Dam girl, if looks could kill I’d be that guy..

Did you know, you look so sexy in black.

Consider it a token of my affection.

I hope this tombstone isn’t to only thing we get to erect today.

Hey. You are not going to walk away from me this time, are you?

You look drop-dead gorgeous!

How about we go ashes to ashes, butt to butt?

I’ll rock your world and cut you open like a body.

I dig you deeper.

So, my love life has been as dead as this poor guy. Feel like opening up the casket and resurrecting it?

Are you also here under grave circumstances?

Hey, want me to put that p*ssy in a coffin?

Did you fall from heaven?

The coffin isn’t the only thing that will be in deep tonight.

Wanna see if we can reincarnate your grandpa?

Hope that ain’t the only thing getting buried deep in a wet hole tonight.

Man it’s really dead in here. Wanna go grab a drink?

Grieving is really hard. You know what else is really hard?

You know what else is dead? Me on the inside.

So, would you like to grieve and chill?

I don’t know if he will be, but how would you like to be in heaven tonight?

Want to come to my place and do some mourning?

Some More Mortician Pick Up Lines


Have we met before? I swear, you’re a dead ringer for this girl I used to know…

You look like you could use a drink Want to come back to my place and crack open a cold one?

I’m going to have a casket that fits TWO, baby!

They’re not the only one with rigor mortis setting in.

Hey girl, trying to crack open a cold one?

You know, that dead guy ain’t the only stiff in the room.

Hey baby, are you like your grandma? Because you’re drop dead gorgeous.

You did say over your dead body.

Cracking open a cold one with the boys takes on a whole new meaning with necrophiliacs.

Hey baby, your beauty is to die for!

I think I’m ready to crack open a cold one!

Normally I’m into dead people but I can make an exception for you.

I want to fill you with embalming fluid.

I’m just as stiff as him.


Mortician Puns

How can you tell a mortician is a necrophiliac?
He’s always HARD at work.



It’s gotta be nice being a mortician…

People are always dying to meet you.


Why’d the mortician get fired?

For sleeping around the office


I’d kill to be a mortician

That way I’d always have a job.


Did you hear about the mortician who did his own makeup?

He was very deadicated.


Did you hear about the narcoleptic, necrophiliac mortician?

He fell asleep in the job.

mortician pick up lines
mortician pick up lines

How do morticians practice driving backwards?

They rehearse.


What is the worst thing about s*x?

Getting caught by the mortician


Why are there so few morticians?

It’s a dying profession.

 Red head Pick Up Lines 

What’s the similarity between an alcoholic and a mortician?

Both can’t wait to crack open a cold one.

Neuroscience Pick Up Lines And Puns 

How did the mortician get the money to pay his bills?

He urned it.

Bowling Pick Up Lines

I was fired from my job as a mortician after I was caught having sex on the job

I guess it was the final nail in the coffin.


Why do morticians have high salaries?

Because they are big urners.

 Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Pick Up Lines 

Do you know how morticians get better at getting caskets to funeral homes?

They rehearse it.


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