Entrepreneurship Pick Up Lines to Impress Someone.


Entrepreneurship Pick Up Lines

Entrepreneurship Pick Up Lines which you can use to impress someone.

Excuse me girl, are you in Business class? Because you fly.

After reviewing your resume I have decided to invite you on a date with me.

Hey Baby, do you have enough capital? Cause I wanna start a partnership with you.

Girl are you a new business cuz im definitely gonna penetrate you.

Boy are you the corporate ladder? Because I’m climbing on top of you in my dreams.

You know the business, and I know the chemistry.

Let’s partner up.

I can tap your wires like nobody’s business.

Are you busy tonight at 4 AM?

Girl you got my heart going from slump to boom in no time.

The first time I saw you, there was only word that came to mind – benchmark.

You say accelerated growth, I just say hot!

In all the power meetings I’ve ever been to, this room is one of the hottest… for real, it’s hot!

Are you involved in Business? Because you really know how to position yourself for me.

I wanna flesh out some symbiotic synergies with you.

Girl, why don’t you come over to my place . . . of business that is, because women belong in the workplace.

You’re the star in my Boston Matrix diagram.

Care to work under me?

I’m only one bad business deal away from being Charlie Sheen.

I want to spend this one life investing all of my interest in you.

In all the power meetings I’ve ever been to, this room is one of the hottest… for real, it’s hot! Just like your paid search campaign, you’ve made quite the impression on me.

Let’s skip the foreshadowing and get down to business.

Baby you’re so sweet you’d put Hershey’s out of business!

Funny Entrepreneurship Pick Up Lines


We live in a cynical world. A cynical world. And we work in a business of tough competitors. I love you. You…complete me. from “Jerry Maguire”

I’m gonna take this up with you offline.

All this corporate giving is getting me hot under the collar-you?

All this problem solving has me wanting to create problems.

Any chance you’d be interested in drilling down with me?

Are you from accounting? Because I was ac-counting on seeing you later.

Are you good with Excel? Then you must be good at spreadsheets.

Are you interested in managing my account?

At the office copy machine “Reproducing eh?” “Can I help?”

Baby, you can give me a call-to-action anytime.

Can I borrow a pen? I need it to write down your number when I ask you for it later today because I didn’t want to look it up in the employee directory.

Can I expense you a drink?

Can I see the inside of your cubicle?

Can you assist me with this insertion order?

Can you file a workplace safety incident report? I just fell for you.

Can you help me figure out my operating system?

Come here often? Every day? From 9 to 5? Yeah, I guess that is often.

Do you have a privacy policy? Because I’d love to see your fine print.

Do you have the Wi-Fi password — because I’m feeling this connection.

Don’t feel like you have to go this alone, we can tag team.

Enterprise this.

Forecasting is for people who can’t live in the moment.

Hard cover briefcases are so much better.

How about we slip out of these suits and into something a little more casual Friday?

How would you like to make a 301 redirect to my heart?

Dirty Entrepreneurship Pick Up Lines


I am feeling this burn rate in many places.

I bet it was your hotness that caused today’s mandatory fire drill.

I can tell you’re a team player.

I can’t erase you from my memory. (Office Supply – USB)

I don’t believe in automation, I am all hands on.

I don’t need to look at more data. What I’m feeling with you is already statistically significant.

I don’t think you and I will need any troubleshooting.

I love you like a marketer loves reporting.

I make small cubicles fun.

I may not be the most handsome guy using the copier, but right now, I’m the only one making you wait for it.

I was thinking about you during that entire conference call.

I would be happy to be your human resource.

I would like to put your consulting expertise to good use.

Business Pick Up Lines


I would wager that two self-starters like ourselves would have a good time together.

I’d like to make you my feature PowerPoint presentation.

I’m not into cold-call sales, but I’d love to have your number.

If I told you, you had a nice pipeline, would you hold it against me?

If men were landing pages, I’d only want to convert on you.

If we went on a date, what do you think our profit and loss would be?

If you were Microsoft Office, I would totally Access you.

In all the power meetings I’ve ever been to, this room is one of the hottest…for real, it’s hot.

Instead of all these policies and procedures, let’s visit the idea of free will.

Is that low-hanging fruit or are you just happy to see me?

Just like your paid search campaign, you’ve made quite the impression on me.

Let’s do this, but in real time.

Let’s get out from under this fluorescent lighting and find somewhere more comfortable.

Let’s give you a skills analysis.

Me without you is like a marketer without analytics. Lost, visionless, and confused.

My account is totally receivable.

Now, when you say “team building retreats,” what does that mean to you?

Performance evaluations are my favorite day of the year.

Realizing we’re working on a timeline, how much time do we have to get to know each other?

Risk management just sounds like something so clandestine!

Should we debrief?

Funny Business Pick Up Lines


Sometimes you just have to ask yourself, “Am I a profit or a loss?” Now which one are you?

The best part of this acquisition is you.

The first time I saw you, there was only word that came to mind-benchmark.

The only thing dirtier than those dishes is how much I want to — oh, wait, no, those are really dirty.

There’s nothing like a little file maintenance to keep you on your toes.

Want to play a little document distribution strip poker?

What do you say we bounce like a bad email?

What do you say we opt-out of here and opt-in to my jacuzzi?

What do you say we wrap up this blog post back at my place?

Where else can you employ that analytical ability?

Who needs a financial analysis when I know exactly where to put my money.

You are a cut above rest.

You are just “write” for me.

You are the highlight of my day.

You could spam me all night and I still wouldn’t unsubscribe.

You don’t need a high level of core competency to know that you’re a catch.

You look like a woman in business. (Why?) Because you really know how to position yourself for me.

You must be an inbound marketer … cause you sure attracted me!

You say accelerated growth, I just say hot.

You say there is little margin for errors but I disagree.

You won’t be needing an expense report tonight.

You’re like a style guide. You add consistency to my life.

You’ve been running through my invoices all night.

Your customer interface is impressive.

Your eyes are as intriguing as a good biz dev strategy.

Your methodology is so smooth and deliberate.

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