Dota 2 Pick Up Lines

Dota 2 Pick Up Lines


Here are some Top Dota 2 Pick Up Lines which you can use to impress someone.

How bout we relocate to your place.

Hey girl, you can call me skeleton king, because you give me a boner.

Let me surge your ion shell.

My totality eclipses the cosm. My place or yours?

Are you Bloodseeker? Because the more I try to run away from you the more it hurts.

Are you Medusa? Cause looking at you is making me hard.

CM, do you like having wards when you do it?

Are u a mirana arrow, because you are stunning 😉

Hey girl wanna use my black king bar?

Nobody ever used it so it is going to last longer.. 😉

Are you pudge? Because you are fat and carrying a meat hook.

Are you roshan? Because I want to go in your pit.

Are you PA? cause i feel like your almost untouchable

You’re like culling blade, you make me try my best not to be so low.

Are you Lion? Because I want you to finger me to death.

“Want to check out my Black Hole?”

Did you get pulled, because you are stacked.

Are you Riki? Because strikes me so hard whenever I can see you again.

It’s sad that you’re like critical strike, I don’t have you all the time. But when I do, I feel really strong.

Cheesy Dota 2 Pick Up Lines


Are you Necro? Cus you almost make my heart stop.

Hey girl are you Enchantress? cause it feels like i can follow you wherever.

If only I’m Vengeful Spirit, I’ll swap places with him.

Medusa, are you looking at my junk? Because I’m rock hard.

Since you got your first blood, do you want some juice in your chins?

Are you sitting on an oblivion staff, perseverance, and recipe? Because that ass is refreshing.

Are u a Miranda arrow, cause I miss you all the time.

If you marry doom, you’ll get the horns..

I’ll blink into Pudge’s hook for you.

Hey girl are u Faceless void? cause whenever i see you it seems like time stops

Are you charging like Magnus because you’re horny to see me?

How about I draft you, me, and 3 friends for a 5stack tonight?

Is that a BKB in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Windranger, how about you come to my place and I’ll show you my powershot.

You must be enchantress, cause baby it hurts me when I run away from you. 😉

Girl you are like a sunstrike, hot as hell and always hitting me when I least expect it.

Hey baby, wanna make some Eidelons?

Are you a teamfight? because I wanna Ravage you.

If it’s you windranger, I wouldn’t mind being shackled.

Are you related to techies cuz damn those bombs

‘Hey Girl, wanna go for a ride?’Batrider is a playa.

You got me so horny I wanna charge you like Magnus.

You got a radiance? Cause damn you on fire.

Is there a warlock nearby? Because I feel a bond between us.

Some More Dota 2 Pick Up Lines


Baby, when I’m around you I feel like 5k mmr, because I want to ward your magic bush.

Do you have Butterfly? Because I miss you all the time.

hey girl, are you rubick ? cuz you steal my hearth

You’re the league to my Dota, because you can’t deny me.

Baby no need to get a bkb cause my love goes through magic immunity

Did you rush Radiance? Because I can’t blink when I look at you..

I may have a bkb but I am not immune to your magical effects.

My name is Magnus. I can grant you cleavage however you want it.


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