Doctor Who Pick Up Lines

Doctor Who Pick Up Lines

Here are Some Doctor Who Pickup Lines which you can use to impress Someone.


Baby, you just gave me Torchwood.

Are you an angel? Because I haven’t blinked since I first saw your face.

You make my centurion stand at attention.

Hey baby, if love was a crime, I would be prisoner Zero.

“I want to be the madman in your box.”

“Ever tried… fish fingers with custard?”

Hello sweetie!

Is that a banana in your pocket? Cause bananas are good.

I’m no Rory Williams, but I’d wait 2,000 years to see you again

Would you like a jelly, baby?

“Hello.” – Jack Harkness.

You must be a time lord, because you have two hearts…yours and mine.

Every time I regenerate, my penis gets bigger.

If I were a Cyberman, I’d give you an upgrade.

Hey babe, are you an angel, because I haven’t blinked since I looked at you.


Get in my Tardis. I’ll take you to heaven.

Can I jammy your dodger?

Baby, I’m a weeping angel…when you look at me, I get hard.

I’m sorry, I think BOTH of my hearts just skipped a beat.

“Come here, you scrumptious little beauty!”

Do you have any gallifreyan in you? Want some?

“Hello, I’m the Doctor.”

Hey babe, wanna get wibbly-wobbly?

Can I stick my fish fingers in your custard?

“You must be a Weeping Angel, because I can’t take my eyes off you..”

Wanna come back to my place? You can play Doctor Donna.

My timey-wimey detector just went ding at your stuff.

I think you’re oodiful!

A cyberman couldn’t delete you from my heart.

Feezes are red. The Tardis is blue. Custard is sweet and so are you.

Funny Doctor Who Pick Up Lines


Girl, your butt is cute like an Adipose baby.

I’ve never been to Uranus. Wanna change that?

Are you a Tardis? Cause when I look into your eyes I feel like I’m flying around the universe.

Is that a sonic screwdriver in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

I’d like to take you out for texting and scones.

Are you the silence? I keep forgetting about you… Wait I’m doing this wrong.

“nice to meet you rose RUN FOR YOUR LIFE”

You’re Oodiful.

Are you a weeping angel? Because I’ve been staring at you all day.

Come back to my place so we can have some wibbly wobbly timey wimey.

How about I take you home and do you K-9 style?

Britain isn’t the only thing with a beast below

Aren’t you the one who’s been saving my life for centuries? Never did learn your name.

Because life is short and you are hot.

You are so hot you’ve given me torchwood.

Care to see my beast below?

They call me Nine. Please be mine. You’re so damn fine.

I’m starting to think I’m a weeping angel, because whenever you look at me I get extremely hard.

I’m like a weeping angel, when you look at me I get hard as stone.

Hey baby, want to run away with me and get pregnant with my future wife in my spaceship?.

you know, I always carry around a banana in my pocket, if you catch my drift.

They call my penis The TARDIS. It’s bigger when it’s inside.

Wanna tickle my Tardis?

I’d like the be the one to open your Pandorica.

Well, if you wait around awhile, I might become your type.

Cheesy Doctor Who Pick Up Lines


You seem to have stolen both of my hearts, but I may have two of some other parts.

If you will be my Rose, I’ll be your Doctor.

Want to come over to my place and watch a show called Doctor Who?

My pants are like the tardis, its bigger on the inside.

You’ve stolen both my hearts!

“Life is short and you are hot.”

If I were The Doctor, would you be my companion?

Hey sweetie, I know what’s going to happen tonight, but I can’t tell you… SPOILERS

Do you have any Gallifreyan in you? No? Do you want some?

Hello, sweety. You look dalektable.

Your eyes shine brighter than the Gallifreyan suns.

Come back to my place and you can call me The Master.

Are you a Dalek? Cause you’ve been rolling through my mind all night.

I’ll make your towers sing.



Did I mention it also travels in time?

Fezzes are red, The TARDIS is blue, Bow ties are cool And so are you.

You’re dalektable.

“You look good for nine hundred and three.” –Astrid

“You should see me in the mornings.” –the Doctor

“Okay.” –Astrid



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