10+ Cytoplasm Pick Up Lines To Impress Someone

Cytoplasm Pick Up Lines

Here are some top Cytoplasm Pick Up Lines which you can use to impress someone.

Would you rather hear about cytoplasm or have an orgasm?

Do you know what is thick, and full of nutrients, and when it comes out it feels like all of my cells are on alert? The cytoplasm of course.

Hi, I have a microscope and do you want to see it and also maybe perhaps date me?

Is that a Pseudopod or are you just happy to see me?

As long as you’re in my cell, I’ll hold you up (or support you, or help you find your place)?

Oh, baby….. Ooze on into my cytoplasm and I’ll show you my vacuoles.

Hey babe, do you want to localize to the cytoplasm with me? You be the cargo, I’ll be the exportin, and we can do the NES-ty.

Ey baby, wanna go to dinner? You’re my cytosolmate.

Girl, are you Cypress Hill? Because you’re making every cell in my body feel insane in the membrane.

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