Colgate Pick Up Lines

Here are some top Colgate Pick Up Lines which you can use to impress someone.

Colgate Pick Up Lines


Hey baby, call me Colgate
Because 9 out of 10 dentists recommend me in your mouth.

What if Stephen Colbert got involved in a scandal?
It would be called Colgate.

You can call me Colgate
4 out of 5 dentists recommend putting me in your mouth.

Did you hear about the big toothpaste scandal?
The media are calling it Colgate.

I am like Colgate toothpaste when I dance
Noticeably White.

Are you Colgate?
Cause 9/10 doctors recommend you.

Colgate Pick Up Lines
Colgate Pick Up Lines

There’s been a toothpaste scandal.
The press have called it Col-Gate.

9/10 dentists recommend Colgate is a lie
Coz 9/11 dentists are already dead.

My wife decided to switch us from Crest to Colgate.
It’s a nice change of paste.

What do you call a controversy surrounding toothpaste.

If Colgate kills 99.9% of bacterias in mouth, what does Colgate sensitive do?
It kills 99.9% without hurting their feelings.

Why do arabs use Colgate before going to the airport?
because it provides cavity protection.

Sometimes people call me Colgate
Because 9/10 doctors recommend me to put in your mouth.

Sometimes people call me Colgate
Cause I’m gonna make your mouth white on the inside

Sometimes people call me Colgate
Im the 1/10.

Colgate Pick Up Lines
Colgate Pick Up Lines


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