15+Colgate Pick Up Lines To Impress Someone

Colgate Pick Up Lines

Here are some top Colgate Pick Up Lines which you can use to impress someone.

Colgate Pick Up Lines


Hey baby, call me Colgate
Because 9 out of 10 dentists recommend me in your mouth.

What if Stephen Colbert got involved in a scandal?
It would be called Colgate.

You can call me Colgate
4 out of 5 dentists recommend putting me in your mouth.

Did you hear about the big toothpaste scandal?
The media are calling it Colgate.

I am like Colgate toothpaste when I dance
Noticeably White.

Are you Colgate?
Cause 9/10 doctors recommend you.

Colgate Pick Up Lines
Colgate Pick Up Lines

There’s been a toothpaste scandal.
The press have called it Col-Gate.

9/10 dentists recommend Colgate is a lie
Coz 9/11 dentists are already dead.

My wife decided to switch us from Crest to Colgate.
It’s a nice change of paste.

What do you call a controversy surrounding toothpaste.

If Colgate kills 99.9% of bacterias in mouth, what does Colgate sensitive do?
It kills 99.9% without hurting their feelings.

Why do arabs use Colgate before going to the airport?
because it provides cavity protection.

Sometimes people call me Colgate
Because 9/10 doctors recommend me to put in your mouth.

Sometimes people call me Colgate
Cause I’m gonna make your mouth white on the inside

Sometimes people call me Colgate
Im the 1/10.

Colgate Pick Up Lines
Colgate Pick Up Lines


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