Apex Legends Pick Up Lines To Impress Someone.

Apex Legends Pick Up Lines

Here are some top Apex Legends Pick up Lines which you can use to impress someone.

Octane Pickup Lines

Ey amigo, let’s go. You’d better keep up.

My legs tear through the sheets so
we’ll have to do it on the table.

Yeah we can do it, but we gotta make it
quick. My fans are waiting for my stream.

Do you mind if I take my pants off? They
keep catching on my legs.

Wanna hear the story of how I lost my
legs? I promise to make it quick.

Come on down to the casa de Octane for a
cold one and a good time!

Let’s race back to mi casa! If you win I’ll
give you a hit of my stim.


Lifeline Pickup Lines

Oh ya limpin’? Don’ worry. D.O.C. Will patch ya right up.

So, dya wanna-hold on. Silva’s done got himself in trouble
again. Ey Silva! How many times d’I have to tell you that you
can’ drink a whole bottle o’ whiskey in one gulp?

Common hurry ya lazy ass up! We have to finish
up before Silva does something stupid and I
have to save him again.

So whatcha thinka me. Gwan’
witcha! Spit it out!

It’s time for a good bang, and I ain’ talkin’
’bout Anita.


Wraith Pickup Lines

The voices say you’re safe to be with.

Every decision counts. Choose wisely.

With infinite realities, there’s a 100% we date
in at least one of them. Why not this one?

So, you like appletinis too.

Your choice doesn’t matter. The outcome has
already been determined. You’re coming home
with me.

We should head back to my place. It’s
ok, I probably won’t lose control.

My portal has non-combative uses too.

Caustic Pickup lines

I would love to run some
experiments on you.

Your figure is simply Marvelous!

The only thing that I want to
observe, other than death, is you.

Join my experiment, below.

If I were to kill you, I would leave
your face intact so that I could gaze
upon your beauty as you perished.

The allegations are preposterous and
unfounded! I am completely innocent!

To say that you are appealing would be
the understatement of the century.

Your proportions are not dissimilar to
those of Loba Andrade.

Wattson Pickup Lines

Our currents work well together.

Papa always told me not to be alone with strangers. So let’s get
to know each other better.

Did you know that electric eels can shock
their prey with up to 500 volts?

Electricity applied to the correct nerves
can create very pleasing sensations.
Would you like to experiment with it with

I’ve just been so lonely since Papa died.

Looking at you makes me ec-static!

Want to come back to my place? Afterwards, I
can show you my latest invention!

Crypto pickup lines


I’m not interested
I said I’m not interested!

Leave, before I do something we’ll
both regret.

Stay away from me harlot!

Touch me again and you die.

Who sent you?! Was it Mirage?! Dammit. I
have to teach that old man a lesson

Loba Pickup Lines


Hello beautiful. How would you like to join me.

You can see what I have to offer. What
can you give me in return?

You’re mine now.

I always get what I want, and
right now, what I want is you.

I don’t dress this way to be ignored.
Can you give me the attention I seek?

Mirage Pickup Lines

So, h-hypothetically, if something were to happen to
you, I actually know CPR, but, y’know, if you didn’t
want me to, y’know, with my mouth, I wouldn’t,
because I’m chivous-, chevar-, I’m a gentleman.

My holograms can make for some pretty cool
scenes, if you wanted to test them out.

You’re very attractive. One might even say your
almost as attractive as me. Hey wait! Where are you
going?! That was a compliment! Right?

Hey. Mirage here, but you probably already knew that,
what with my fame and talents. Oh you haven’t? On
that’s fine. Well since you don’t know already, I’m
mirage, holographic bamboozler extri-, extroder-, I’m
really good at bambooz-hey wait come back!


You’re very attractive. One might even say you’re
almost as attractive as me. Hey wait! Where are you
going?! That was a compliment! .right?

Hey. You’re very pretty. If you wanted, we could, kiss,
Y’know, like in those romantic movies, not that I’m into
those kinds of movies, it’s just that, maybe you are, and,
I’d be willing if you want to, but only if you wanted.

Revenant Pickup Lines


Ever slept with a simulacrum before? I promise
to make it… interesting… for me at least

I want your heart.

I’ve killed more people than you can possibly
imagine. And I enjoyed it every time.

I usually don’t let skinbags get this close. You
must be special.

I hope you like it rough. Otherwise you’re in for
a nasty night.

Y’know, I used to wear a skinsuit too.


Bangalore Pickup Lines


Fair warning: I’m not like those
soft civvies you’re used to

Hunk here. Level 4. Very strong and handsome
and great in bed. Nah I’m just kidding. Your
biceps are pretty nice though.

I bet you’re packed like a level 3 spitfire
magazine down there. Why don’t we head back
to my place to check it out?

Alright tough guy. Time to see how
tough you really are

You bet your ass I won’t go easy on
you. Speaking of your ass…

Gibraltar Pickup Lines


I really know how to bring the
fun into this.

I’m like a rock!

Hey. Gibraltar’s comin’ for ya.

Haha! I got you.

I’m ready. Are you?

You better be ready bruddah.
Gibraltar doesn’t hold back.

Hey! You’re pretty good. Let’s go
back to my place to see how good.

Bloodhound Pickup Lines


Join me, and together, ve vill slatra.

It is your honor to date me.

Come, let us shed blüth together
in honor of the Allfather.

Let us be joined before the gods.

I am the hunter the gods have sent.
The gods must have sent you too.

Some more Apex Legends  Pick Up Lines

Pathfinder: Would you like to polish my grapple?

Lifeline : “You’re looking at a lover. What am i looking at ?”

Bloodhound : These would be great for Valentine’s Day.

Kiss me already, whats wrong with a legendary prowler?

Valentine’s day voice packs.. Respawn, make these happen.
Your beauty caught my eye so quick I had to do a double take. That wasn’t enough, so once more made it a *TRIPLETAKE*

Wanna know why the call him bloodhound cuz if you were a rare steak? He would still eat you if you were bleedin’

I’ve been playing wraith too much and I want to open a portal right to your heart.

Meet me at the hilton, R-301, for a quick fux.

Bangalore: Are you versed in the basics of Chemistry? Because, Golf Delta that’s what you and I have. I learned more than just how to break down a Peacekeeper, modify it with a Precision Choke and put it all back together whilst simultaneously blindfolded during my time with the IMC.

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