Amber Pick Up Lines

Amber Pick Up Lines

Here are some Top Pick Up Lines for a girl named Amber.


Dating me is like traffic lights, Amber always comes before I stop.

If you don’t rekindle me I’ll turn into ashes.

Somebody call the Amberlance cause I just fell for you.

Would u light my fire?

Cheesy Amber Pick Up Lines

I fell for you so hard I broke my leg. Can someone call the Amberlance?

Hey girl, are you missing? Cause I’m on an Amber alert!

No wonder they call you amber cus you’re really rare and a treat to the eyes.

You’re sexier that a piece of dinosaur jizz. Wanna bang like it’s Jurassic park?

Amber Pick Up lines
Amber Pick Up lines

Great, no-shave-no-Amber was going so well until now.

I Amber-y interested in getting to know you better! I Amber-ied up to my knees in..

Your name is amber? Cause I wanna preserve my DNA inside you for a million years.

Girl, are you Amber Heard?
Cause you need not fake it with me.

Violets are Violet, you glow like Amber…
My heart is a car and you are the driver

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