40+ K-pop Pick Up Lines

K-pop Pick Up Lines

If your crush is a K-Pop fan and you’re looking for some K-Pop Pick Up Lines then you’re at the right place at the right time. Here are some Top K-pop Pick up lines which you can send to your crush.

Do you listen to Twice? Cause you make me Feel Special.
I thought my abs is the only hard thing until I met you.
I like you, but I don’t know if you can Hansol me.
Are you Chuu? Because you attack my heart.
If you were a jungkook, I would pick you again and again.
Hello girl, I love the fact that you taehyung.
Is your name Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul? Cause you’re a Ten out of Ten
Will you Mark me in your heart? (Mark Lee)
Are you Korean? Cause I think you’re my Seoul mate
are you jeon woong? cuz we should focus on the luv luv luv
You AR-MY angel.
I got my eyes Onew.
If you Likey me, don’t think Twice. Just say Yes or Yes!
Are you Carat? Because you shine like a diamond.
You’re JiMINE.
call me ten, cuz every time you come around me girl you pull me in closer.
Is your name Do Kyungsoo? Because I can D.O. you too.
Are you “Crystal Snow”? Because I want to hold you one more time.
Hey monbebe, will you be my monbaby?
I love you more than Changbin loves dark.
I’m a nice guy who just has a lot of money.
Would Yuta-ke my heart?
You’re a real hidden Jin.
Holla baby, how about I tap you like my janggu?
Would you be my hope if I was J?
Are you a visual, face or a center? Because to me you seem like all of them optional heart.
Call me wonho, cuz I’m letting you know that I want you, baby.
you make my heart go vroom vroom vroom vroom vroom vroom vroom vroom vroom SKRRT.
My nose isn’t the big thing about me (Bang Chan)
Whenever I’m with you, it’s a Winwin situation.
Ay girl, do you like Big Bang? Because I bet we’d make Fantastic Babies.
I can’t spell “Suga” without “U”.
Is it just me, or are we seok-mates?
You must be the key to my heart. I delighted to see you.
Are you an Inspirit? Because my love for you is INFINITE.
I want to hold you one more time like my crystal snow.
Hello, I’m achyun. Can we have tea then you get the D later?
Are you BLACKPINK? Because I want you to be in my area.
are you twice, because I fancy you.
Are you J-Hope? Because I “Daydream” about you.
The only other thing I look for everywhere after Jimin’s jams is you.
Are you from South Korea? Because I think you’re my Seoul Mate.
Do you like EXID? Because i can’t EXID this love or LEGGO!
Everyday every night feel like a fool(if you do got7) when you call my name (you calling my name got7) you know what, you’re the missing last piece (last piece got7)
You always get the best of me.
Do you stan Red Velvet? Cuz I think you need a really bad boy.


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