38+ Cell Wall Pick Up Lines To Impress Someone

Cell Wall Pick Up Lines

Here are some top cell wall pick up lines which you can use to impress someone with your biology skills xD

Cell Wall Pick Up Lines


Excuse me but are your sodium channels open? Cos I can really see some action potential.

Your cell signals inflame my receptors?

Cell Wall Pick Up Lines
Cell Wall Pick Up Lines

Are you a Phospholipid Desaturase? Because around you I feel kinky.

Can I get your Telophase number? Cause I want to split you in two.

Are you a Toll-like receptor? Because you make me wanna say, “Wow!”

Are you penicillin? Cos you brought my walls crashing down!

Are you Glutamate? Because you’re getting me all excited .

Are you free floating? Cause you should diffuse through to my place and come embed

Are you a lytic virus? Because looking at you makes me want to bust out everything I have.

Are you a GLUT receptor because I feel like insulin?

You have some tight junctions

Hey, are you semipermeable? Because I want to enter!

Hey baby you a phospholipid bilayer because that tail is fatty.

11+ Mitochondria Pick Up Lines

Funny Cell Wall Pick Up Lines

I’m a polysaccharide, baby. You know you want some of this sugar.

Hey, are you a SNARE complex because I am totally attached to you!

Baby let’s make like a transport protein and pump some hydrogen.

Why are mitochondria so unlucky in love? Because they’re incels.

Hey, are you as semipermeable membrane? Because I want to penetrate you, but I’m probably not your type

I’ll always be there to support you.

You glycosylate my receptors.

You float my lipid raft.

You evaginate my serpin

I’m gonna blow your mem-brain.

 Nucleus Pick Up Lines 
Can my apical surface penetrate your lumen?

If I were an enzyme I would be helicase so I can unzip your genes.

Hey, baby. Why don’t you bring that plasmodesmata over here so we can swap molecules?

Cellulose isn’t the only thing making me rigid.

Give me the right signal and I’ll let you in, does your key fit my receptors?

Will you be the alpha to my beta integrin?

I just love what you are doing with your phospholipids (skin), they look radiant!

I’d like to permeate your endoplasmic reticulum? Sorry, all I got on short notice.

Are you cytochrome c oxydase ? Cause I feel blue with you.

I don’t usually do this, but tonight I can Be semipermeable for you.

Are you in telophase, because you have some nice cleavage.

Dirty Cell Wall Pick Up Lines


Are you a phospholipid, because you seem bipolar.

Are you the mitochondria? Because you’re the powerhouse of the cell.

Hey girl, are you a self-assembled membrane, likely to have been produced from amphiphilic compounds?

Is your membrane semi-permeable? Because I’d like to permeate please.

Babe, you are the smoothest(or perf) fluid mosaic model for my membrane!


Cell Wall Pick Up Lines
Cell Wall Pick Up Lines

Is your phospholipid bilayer fat soluble? Because I want to slide into you with the least resistance possible.

Are you by any chance high density cholesterol, because you seem to thicken my membranes obligatory (double wink).

Biology Pick Up Lines To Impress Your Crush


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