35+ Vikings Pick Up Lines To Impress Someone.

Vikings Pick Up Lines

Here are some Top Vikings Pick Up Lines to take you back in Medieval Time Period.

Are you Vikings Pick Up Lines


Damn girl, are you a Viking?
Cause you got a great nordic region.

Damn girl, are you a Viking?
Cause I’m gonna Val-holla’ at ya.

Damn girl, are you a Viking?
Cause I wanna make you Thor.


Cheesy Vikings Pick Up Lines

Girl, we can’t get married, because there aren’t any ball and chains in Valheim.
Are you a troll?. Cause I want you to smash me.
Are you a trophy?. Cause I want to pin you against a wall.
Are you a longboat? Because I want to ride you into the sunset.
Are you a wolf cape? . Cause I want you to keep me warm by being on me 24/7.
Are you the ocean biome? Cause I want to show my stern to your serpent.
Are you a cart? Because I would like to stuff you!
Are you iron ore? Because I can’t get enough of you.
Boy are you a greyling? . Cause I want to see you all the  time.
Are you a bed? . Cause I want to respawn with you in the morning.
Are you a skeleton?. Cause I want you to swing your sword at me
Girl, call me the swamp, cause you’re about to be wet all the time.
Are you a deathsquito? For such a small thing you hit me hard.
Are you a battle-axe? Cause I want you to be my wife.
Are you a Pine? Cause I want your fine wood.
Are you the bees? Because you’re about to bee really happy.
Girl, call me the rain, because you’re going to be wet. For at least two minutes.
Are you the Valheim landscape? Because I want to travel across your plains, climb your mountains, and nibble your cloudberries.
Are you an atgier? Cause I just want to grab you with both hands and thrust.
Are you a deathsquito?. Cause I want to ride you.
I must be a meadow stream, cause I want to make that lizard wet.
Are you a startled deer? Cause I want to chase you until you’re mine.
You must be the trader, because I didn’t stop looking until I found you.

Dirty Vikings Pick Up Lines

I’ll be a storm and you be a longship. I’ll rock you, and you make your seamen hold fast.
Are you a drake?. Cause you make me cry every time.
You must be a troll by a copper deposit, because I wanna make you mine.
Are you a rag tunic? Cause I can’t wait to ditch you for something better.
Are you a hammer?. Cause I want you to repair me.
Are you the summoning circle? Because it seems like a lot of Vikings have been here.
Are you a blob?. Cause I want you to spray me with your poison.
Treat me like Bonemass’s cauldron and give me your withered bone!
Girl, are you a fir tree? Cause I want to build an epic house with you.
Are you a ghost? Because that’s what you did to me.
Are you a lox? Cause I want your big meat.
Are you a boat?. Cause I wanna hold your mast.
Are you a fuling? . Cause I want you to stab me with your spear.
Girl, are you the world’s edge? Cause when I found you I completely fell.
You must be a cauldron, because I want to get a sausage from you.
Are you the shift button? . Cause I want you to go faster.
Girl, are you a troll cave? Because man, that’s a big opening.
Are you a lox?. Cause you’re so fucking cute.
You must be a skeleton, because I want to keep at you until I’ve taken your bone.

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