31+ Debate Pick Up Lines

Debate Pick Up Lines

Here are some top Debate Pick Up Lines which you can use on someone.

Debate Pick Up Lines


Hey girl I just responded to my opponent’s arguments, but I’d drop everything for you”

Are you a G2? Because you’re ultra fine.

You gonna let me see what’s in your briefs or not?

Are you T-substantial? Because I’m gonna drop everything for you.

What’s the chance that I get head from this coin flip?

are you a Carbon Tax? because you’re about to cause the leakage of my emissions

The only thing I want to take out more than the disad link is you.

Why are policy debaters the best? They never finish early.

There is a debate whether there are 8 planets or 9
The debate will soon change to 7 planets or 8 after I destroy Uranus.

Are you conditionality? Because you’re illegitimate.

It may be valentine’s but I’m not in love with my opponents’ case.

You’re the top seed, in my hearts bracket 😉

I’ll screw you harder than a lay judge.

Are you the 1AR? Because I want to drop all my D in you.

Some More Debate Pick Up Lines

It’s called the first amendment.

Roses are red violets are blue if you give me your number I’ll drop contention two.

It’ll take me longer to pull out than Obama from Afghanistan.

I’ll screw you harder than a 4-2 record at Glenbrooks.

All jokes aside u sure a pick up line is the best way to go?

if you spread, I’ll drop my briefs and extend.

Are you picket fencing? ‘Cause you’re the only “1” for me.

I am Robert Chen.

Are you inherency, because it is a fallacy for me to exist in this world without you.

I’ll exchange oral for speaker points 😉

Are you an Alliance DA? Because I’m proliferating my love for you.

Are you a trophy? Cuz I just wanna take you home

Are you a gavel? Cuz I just wanna bang you.

Postings aren’t the only thing that’s up 😉

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