20+ Pickle Pick Up Lines and Puns

Pickle Pick Up Lines

Here are some top Pickle Pick Up Lines which you can use to impress someone.

Pickle Pick Up Lines

Are you a jar of pickles?
Cause I’d like to bang you on the counter.

Are you a jar of pickles?
Cause I shoved a bunch of cucumbers in your ass a week ago.


I’ll give you a nickel if you tickle my pickle.

I think I have a pickle slicer in my bedroom.

Are you a jar of ketchup? Cause I’d like to flip you over and bang your head against stuff.

Roses are red, pickles are green, I like your legs and what’s in between!

Hey gorgeous, can I pickle your fish?

Wanna tickle my pickle?

Are you about to become a pickle?
Because you’re a Cutecumber.

Is that a pickle in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

What else can you pickle?

Forget growing old together, let’s pickle our youth in gin together.

I love making pickles, do you?

So, how long have you been pickling these cucumbers?


Pickle Puns


What’s the difference between a pickle and a therapist?
If you don’t know, you should stop talking to your pickle


What do you get when you cross a pickle with an alligator?
A crocodill.

What do you call a pickle doctor?
A dill pusher.

How does a cucumber become a pickle?
It goes through a jarring experience.

A gas station was selling pickles two-for-one
It was the dill of the day.

What happens when you confuse chutney and pickles?
You chuckle.

How do pickles enjoy a day out?
They relish it.

Why are bananas better than pickles?
Because they have a-peel.

What do you call a pickle that got run over on the road?
Road dill.

What’s green and wears a cape?
Super Pickle.

What’s green and got two wheels?
A motorpickle.
What happens when life gives you pickles instead of lemons?
You dill with it.

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