Sauna Pick Up Lines

Here are some Top Sauna Pick Up Lines which you can use to impress someone.

Sauna Pick Up Lines


Hey, are you a sauna?
Cause I feel warm when I’m inside of you.

Hey, are you a sauna?
Cause there’s eight sweaty dudes inside you right now.

Hey, are you a sauna?
Cause you are warm and moist.

Have you been to the sauna?
Because you’re so hot!

Girl, you’re steamier than the Sauna bath I was in.

What do you call a discount sauna?
A steam sale.

Why did the cook take the paraplegics to the sauna ?
To steam the vegetables.

If you find it hard to take pictures of yourself in the sauna…
You have selfie-steam issues.

Sauna Pick Up Lines
Sauna Pickup Lines

What Do You Call A Catatonic In A Sauna?
A steamed vegetable


Why Did the Italian Go to the Sauna?
For a self’ a steam.

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