Shrek Pick Up Lines

Here are some top Shrek Pick Up Lines which you can use to impress someone.

Are you shrek ? Cause I’m all ogre you.

Onions have layers.

Want to come over for dinner and stay for breakfast? Because I’m making waffles!

In the morning, I’m making waffles girl.

Are you Shrek? Because I get hard just thinking about you.

Can we have shrex.?

Will you be my shrekintine?

Hey are you Shrek? Cause I can’t seem to get ogre you.

Hey are you shrek? Cuz I wanna be in your swamp.

I don’t believe in onion at first sight.

Hey girl, do you live in a swamp? Because you look as beautiful as Shrek

I’ll all ogre you by midnight.

I want to put my swamp juice inside you.

Get out of my swamp and into my bed.

You like donkey punch?

Are you an onion? Cause I want to peel all your layers off.

I love how shrektacular you look.

Hello donkey.

Remove your layers.


I enjoy “it’s all ogre now”

My love for you has many layers just like an onion.

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