101 Geology Pick Up Lines To Impress Someone.

Geology Pick Up Lines

Here are some Top Geology Pick Up Lines which you can use to impress a geologist.  You don’t have to be an expert in geology to use these lines. Here we go.


Geology Pick Up Lines


It got really hot the moment you walked in, it’s like you are a magma intrusion.

I’d love to get your number so I can texture later.

You must cause contact metamorphism because you’ve got one hot body.

You girl, I’ll be Kaikab, you be Toroweap, and let’s have inter tonguing relationships

I think I need some kind of support, maybe a retaining wall to stop my jaw from falling off whenever I see you.

I would have loved you to be a conglomerate so I can have you round.

Hey baby, would you like to come over and play on my fault line?

You should probably avoid cummingtonite.

I’ll be the Kaikab, you be the Coconino, and let’s have intertonguing relationships.

Kiliuea won’t be the only thing erupting tonight.

Hey baby, believe me when I say I won’t take you for granite.

If ever there was an earthquake in my heart, you would be the epicenter.

You must be the Marcellus Shale, because I want to penetrate you with my drill pipe.

If we were an earthquake, I’d be the S wave and you’d be the P wave because you’d be the first to come.

If only I was a little bit boulder, I would ask you out right now.

I’m a geologist and I’m hung like a horst.

Funny Geology Pick Up Lines

Hey cutie, subduction interfaces are not the only things that will experience significant grinding tonight.

You have some gneiss cleavage!

Hello lady, I’m really digging your asthenosphere right now.

Hi handsome, is that halite in your pants, because there’s one way to know for sure.

If we were an earthquake… I’d be the S wave and you’d be the P wave, because you would be the first to come.

Hey baby, you must be a geologist because you just made me erupt like an active volcano.

You and I are like tectonic plates; when we come together, something must surely happen.

If you knew just how gorge-ous you look, you would appreciate yourself more.

I would like to know if you are a carbon sample because I’d love to date you.

Lava is red and tsunamis are blue. If I had to choose a case study, I’d choose you.

What did the thirsty mineralogy student buy for the dark room? Sodalite

Is that a pick axe in your pocket?

Hey babe, let’s have inter tonguing relationships, you’ll be Toroweap and I’ll be Kaikab.

You’ remind me of longshore drift.. Because you just swept me away.

Are you the Fourties oil field because I’m going to inject my drilling fluid into your subsurface.

I would ask you out but I need to be a little boulder

Why don’t we have a mutually beneficial relationship tonight, I’ll test your hardness if you agree to test my cleavage.

What happened to the hippy when he went to the beach? He got sandSTONED.

Dirty Geology Pick Up Lines

I told you I want us to be together forever, I hope you still believe when I sed-I-ment it?

You absolutely rock my world. You must be a perfect 10 on the Richter Scale.

Hey honey, why don’t you check out my cleavage?

Geology Pickup Lines
Geology Pick Up Lines

What does rutile and I have in common? We both come in quartz.

Hey baby, I was thinking about you and the earth shook.

When my eyes meteors, my heart skipped a beat and my brain froze because you are out of this world.

Hey are you into geology? Cause your body rocks.

‘Big girls are beautiful’? well of coarse you are!!

You must be a 10, because so is my dick on moh’s hardness scale.

You swept me away like it was longshore drift.

Are you the aftershock of an earthquake? Because you are making me fall for you all over again.

You make my clinometer reading rise.

Believe me baby, even if you are a neolith, you still won’t look out of place in my bed.

Girls like you are gorgeous? Well of coarse you know that already.

Cheesy Geology Pick Up Lines

I really dig you !

Blah blah blah schist blahblah fuchsite blah blah gneiss.

If we were earthquakes, you would be the P wave and I‘d be the S wave; that way, you’d be the first to come.

Hey are you 10 on the Richter scale? Because you rock my world.

Has your angle of repose been exceeded, because I think I’m falling for you.

I don’t think you wollastonite when we fukalite.

Hey darling, I have noticed your eyes on my chest, would you like to check out my cleavage?

Your sexy body is causing an uncontrollable thermal expansion in my pants.

Do minerals count? Hey baby, call me Galena, because I’ll leave residue all over your fingers.

Hey are you into geology? Because I have something hard for you.

You must be the continental plate to my oceanic plate, because I would totally subduct under you 😉

Geology Pick Up Lines
Geology Pick Up Lines

Hey there, they tell me you are a geologist? (yeah!) That’s great because I need you to examine this rock in my pants.

Hey baby, want to pegmatite hole?

Are you sedimentary strata containing an index fossil? Because I’d date you.

Let’s just pretend we are tectonic plates and grind against one another.

You must cause contact metamorphism, cause you’ve got a hot body.

You remind me of longshore drift because you just swept me away.

Some More  Geology Pick Up Lines

Trust me darling, I really dig you.

Hey lady, you must be like metamorphic rock, because you change according to varying temperature and pressure.

The moment I set eyes on you, I knew you were rubble.

Your smile is like an aquifer that holds endless warmth and refreshing.

Subduction leads to orogeny.

Was there a super volcano in here or did you just blow me away?

Hey baby, you must be the secondary impact of a volcanic eruption because you are on fire.

If your sexiness could be measured on the Richter Scale, you would be a strong 9.5.

What do rutile and elephants have in common? They both come (cum) in quartz (quarts).

Hey baby, I’ll have you cummingtonite if you stick your dickite into my borehole.

Why was the amateur hydrogeologist sad? His poor conductivity in the field induced a deep cone of depression

You rock my world.

Are you Geologist? Cause girl you’ve just given me a volcanic eruption! So hilarious!

Hey are you into geology?Cause I’m gonna rock your world.

Smooth Geology Pick Up Lines


Hey baby, river sediment isn’t the only thing I’d like to accrete laterally.

You’re causing a thermal expansion in my pants.

Are you a mudrock, ’cause you sure look fine to me.

Do you even rift?

Since opposite poles attract, we should come together and form an ionic bond.

If you squeeze me any harder I’ll be cummingtonite!

Hey baby, you’re so cool, you make the equator feel like it’s the north pole.

Are you a sample of carbon because I’d like to date you

Wait! Is that a pick axe in your pocket or you are just happy to see me?

Your thrust caused my beds to fold.

Do you have a belemnite in your pocket or are you just really happy to see me?

The sight of you makes me harder than any material on the Moh’s scale.

You know what they say, geologists know how to make the bed rock!

Geology Pickup Lines


What do radiometric daters do all day? Smoke rocks.

Hey baby, I love how you are like sedimentary rock; you’ve got so many layers to your personality.

Hey baby, you are like most of my degree coursework; you confuse and excite me, all at the same time.

Hey sexy, wanna go to my place and fornacite?

Baby, I’m harder than anything on the Moh’s Scale.

Hey, are you muscovite mica? Because you have perfect cleavage.

Hi, I am a geologist and I really need to check your topography.

Why aren’t the tectonic plates allowed in the mattress store? Because they make the bedrock.

Are you an igneous rock, because I want to date you.

Geophysicists are the biggest hipsters. Everything they deal with is underground.

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