10+ Karen Pick Up Lines To Impress Karen

Karen Pick Up Lines

Here are some Top Pick Up Lines for a girl named Karen.

Can I see your manager? Cause I can’t stop Karen about you.

Hey girl it looks to me like you need someone to be with, you know someone to give you a little loving and Karen.

Are you the manager? Because my name is Karen and I wanna talk to you.

You’re so cute it’s sKaren me.

Is your name Karen? Cause I’ll be your manager.

Are you a Karen? Because you are evolving, just backwards

You’re so pretty it’s sKaren me.

Damn girl are you Karen? Because you’re about to take my kids.

Hey girl, are you Karen? Because you can take my kids any day.

I don’t have a Karen the world, would you like to be mine?

Cause I can’t stop Karen about you


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