10+ Hitler Pick Up Lines

Hitler Pick Up Lines

Hitler Pick Up Lines: Here are some top Hitler Pick Up Lines which you can use  on someone.

I would ask for your number, but I can see it on your arm.

Be mein.

“Would you like to see my Panzerschreck?”

I really Reich you.

I fell head over heil for you.

Hey baby, I’m Mr. Reich.

You’re MY final solution.

Hey baby, wanna participate in a little Anschluss later? I need a piece in my time.

I wanna put your bun in my oven.

Fraulein, Jew are causing ein Führer in mein pants.

You look like you have a problem. Well how about you and I hook up so I can provide you with the final solution.

Funny Hitler Pick Up Lines

Hey babe, can I invade your two fronts?

You be hitler , I’ll be a Jew
Cuz babe I want to die for you.

Are you Poland?
Because I feel like being Hitler tonight

I only date blind racists
I’m black, so I rather they Nazi


Hey girl. Are you a Nazi?
Because I wanna Swastik-it in you. 😉

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